YouTube has added watch time statistics

Written by Hassan Abbas

Now, each user can see how much time he spends watching a video a day, a week and an average of 24 hours. As part of the Digital Wellbeing initiative, which Google introduced in May of this year, the Android ecosystem receives tools that allow users to track how much time they spend on their mobile devices. Similar functions began to appear in some popular applications, for example, in Instagram and Facebook. Now the turn came to YouTube.

The developers claim that statistics are taken from the history of views, so it is not entirely clear how time will be taken into account if data collection is disabled by the user in the application settings. Also worth noting is that the function does not take into account the time spent on YouTube Music and YouTube TV.


“Our goal is to provide an opportunity to understand how much time you spend on YouTube so you can make informed decisions about how best to organize your life with YouTube,” the company’s blog says.

In the new version of the YouTube application, the “Your viewing time” function is added, which shows a lot of time you spend on YouTube. Statistics available for the current and yesterday, as well as for the last week and the average for the day. This function is located in the account settings.

YouTube Watch time

This innovation complements the existing options for regulating their pastime in the service. You can activate reminders that you need to take a break, set up a “quiet clock” when the beeps are turned off, and choose the time convenient for you to receive all the push notifications.

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