YouTube for Android has an Incognito Mode

YouTube Android app incognito mode
Written by Hassan Abbas

This is enough to hide the history of watched videos within the account, but the provider will still know this information.

A few months ago, Google began testing incognito mode in the Android version of the YouTube app. Now the new function has started global distribution.

YouTube Android app incognito mode

YouTube Android app incognito mode

You can enable the mode right in your account settings. When you use incognito for the first time, you receive a notification warning you about the possibility of the provider, school, and employer to monitor your activity. If the user wants to add the video to the playlist, the application will warn you that the mode should be turned off. The feature is distributed with update 13.25.56 and is available to all comers.

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Recall last month, Google launched in Russia and a number of other countries, services YouTube Music and YouTube Premium. The cost of the subscription is 169 and 199 rubles per month, respectively. Services allow you to access a huge collection of songs, clips, and recordings from concerts, as well as unlock some features in the YouTube application: downloading videos, viewing content without advertising and access to exclusive material.

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