You Need to Know Android 11 Features

Android 11
Written by Hassan Abbas

Android 11 OS Stable version was released on September 08, 2020. It is the current stable version of Android 10 and all the satisfactory Pixel devices users are able to straight away install it. In this article, you will get the information about the Android 11 Features that you need to know before using it.

The beta build is still running on some of the eligible non-Pixel devices from the brands of OnePlus, Oppo, Xiaomi, Realme, etc. However, the total feel of the Android 11 is similar to the Android 10 in the excess. Similarly, there are many differences in the UI elements, booting screen, notifications, card-style interface, and many visual improvements as well as useful features.

Similarly, the COVID-19 pandemic is delaying a lot of events, launches, developments, etc in the technological field. But it looks like that the internet giant Google itself is not stopped from organizing the much-awaited version of the Android operating system publicly. So, now you are able to ask which Pixel devices are compatible or eligible to obtain the OTA update. Hence that is quite interesting for some of the unexpected Android device utilizers. Then Let’s start.

Way to get Android 11

Android OS updates are too slow or phase-type processes to the non-Pixel Android devices that usually take months. Although, some of the Android smartphone OEMs such as OnePlus, Samsung, etc are able to take lesser time. But the OEMs mostly work hards to convey the major Android OS update to its eligible devices especially with the promised roadmap details.

Mostly as some of the non-Pixel Android devices are still running on the beta build. But it takes some time to arrive Android 11 stable update on those models officially.

Whereas the Pixel 2 series or higher generation Pixel device users are easily able to obtain the modern stable Android 11 update through the OTA in an incremental sense according to regions. So only you have to move towards the Settings > System > Advanced > System Update and then you should check for updates. But unluckily, the first-gen Pixel and Pixel XL devices, they are not eligible to obtain the official update.

We have mentioned, even the interested first-gen Pixel and Pixel XL device users are able to unofficially hold the Android 11 GSI as Google already uploads the Android 11 Source Code to AOSP.

You Need to Know Android 11 Features

Recently, we are able to say that this is the final build of Android 11 which is covering quite a long way. So, check out all the best and most useful features that all the Android 11 users have to know to experience the UI and functionalities up to the full magnitude. Similarly, these are a couple of features that the front-end users will come in their knowledge.

Moreover, there are a lot of refinements and features that are only relevant to the app developers for a more improved and stable Android app experience. Still, if you want to know further about the developer features of Android 11. Then check the Android 11 Developer Site.

1. New Power Menu

However, when you long-press the Power button, then it appears the new Power Menu in Android 11.


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