Yandex Issued in Search Documents Google Docs with Personal Data

Written by Hassan Abbas

The developers of the Russian search engine have closed the oversight in a few hours, but in Google, it is not yet fixed.

On the night of July 4, 2018 (around 22:30 in Moscow), users noticed that the search engine of “Yandex” began to index Google Docs service documents and display links to them in search results. In other words, user files with standard privacy settings-URL access-were visible to everyone. At the time of writing, the Yandex management has already corrected this oversight, but in Google, such a feature is still available.



As explained by the publication of VC, the search engine “Yandex” uncovered a lot of documents with confidential data: logins and passwords of users, people’s places of residence and the like. Some users even took advantage of the fact that the documents could be edited, and changed the contents of the user files with different messages.

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At the moment, the Google search engine also finds personal documents of users from Google Docs – the editorial office of our portal was convinced of this. According to Yandex representatives, their security service notified the “good corporation” about the current situation – apparently, Google will soon change the work of the corporate service.

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