Xiaomi Released a Smart Trash Can

Smart Trash Can
Written by Hassan Abbas

Townew Smart Trash Can automatically open the lid, self-packs and changes the garbage bag.

We have repeatedly written about the unusual things that Xiaomi has produced on its crowdaming platform. Take for example sneakers, an armchair for gamers or a “smart” lid for the toilet. Recently, the Chinese industrial giant began raising funds for the Townew Smart Trash Can bin. And yes, it is also “smart”.

Smart Trash Can

Thanks to the built-in motion sensor Townew Smart Trash Can automatically open the lid, the sensor is triggered at a distance of up to 35 cm. The bucket is also hermetically sealed to prevent the spread of an unpleasant odor.

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Of course, the gadget is equipped with a built-in LED backlight with three modes of lighting, as well as automatic bagging and bagging.
Unfortunately, the usual garbage bags, to which we are all accustomed, will not fit here. The manufacturer offers special cartridges with strong polyethylene film. It is not necessary to change bags every time by hand, just insert the cartridge once, which is enough for about a month. Automation at altitude, it’s a pity that the bucket does not take out garbage on its own.

Townew Smart Trash Can have a capacity of 15.5 liters. Like any other electronic gadgets, the bucket is also equipped with a battery, the charge of which lasts up to 35 days in normal operation. The cost of Xiaomi bin is $ 30, and replaceable cartridges – $19.

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