Xiaomi Released a Smart Mouse Pad that Can Charge a Smartphone

Xiaomi Mi Smart Mouse Pad
Written by Hassan Abbas

Any day, a new product from Xiaomi. Just yesterday, all the beloved Chinese company released a limited version of the Mi 6X smartphone with Miku Hatsune – a popular Japanese virtual singer, as today two new Xiaomi rugs were on sale: the smart Mi Smart Mouse Pad and its usual Mi Mouse Pad version.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Mouse Pad

Externally – a simple, no different mouse pad with a solid lining of anti-slip TPU-material. However, the most interesting thing is inside. The accessory is equipped with a wireless charging module Qi Wireless Charging power of up to 7.5 W, capable of charging both a mouse and a smartphone. Good dimensions of the rug, which are 420×260 mm, it allows.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Mouse Pad

In addition to charging, the Mi Smart Mouse Pad has a built-in smart chip that controls the temperature of the gadget and automatically turns off the power when the device has stopped charging or overheating.

A rug is an aluminum wheel located in the upper right corner. It allows users to change its RGB-backlight, as well as the volume on the computer, via a Bluetooth connection.

The cost of the Mi Smart Mouse Pad is about $39.

Xiaomi Mi Mouse Pad

The same rug, only the usual and without the “smart” component in the form of wireless charging and control wheel. Mi Mouse Pad has a special coating that improves mouse tracking and improves the performance of the sensor, and the substrate with a relief pattern prevents slipping.

Xiaomi Mi Mouse Pad

The dimensions of the Mi Mouse Pad are slightly smaller – 355×255 mm, but the cost is much lower – only $8.

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