Xiaomi Released a Clever Skateboard and Electric Bike

Externally Acton Smart Electric Skateboard
Written by Hassan Abbas

Xiaomi continues to produce new gadgets that appear with incredible speed, as if from a conveyor of some factory. This time, the company’s novelties will please people who lead an active lifestyle. This is an “intelligent” electric skateboard and a bicycle.

Skateboard Acton Smart Electric Skateboard

Externally Acton Smart Electric Skateboard does not differ from other skateboards at all. It is made of aluminum alloy of aviation class, and the board itself is made of Canadian maple. The dimensions of the skateboard are 70 × 20 × 13.5 cm, weight – 5 kg. The board is designed for a mass of 100 kg. Unlike traditional skateboards, which require years of practice, Acton Smart Electric Skateboard is simple enough to use, even a beginner can cope with it.

Externally Acton Smart Electric Skateboard

The skateboard is equipped with an electric motor with a power of 500 W, powered by 10 batteries of Samsung 18650 with a total capacity of 60 Wh/h. This is enough to drive up to 12 km on one charge with a maximum speed of 22.5 km/h. In addition, the electric drive allows you to climb up the road with a 15 percent slope, and when braking, recover energy. A full charge of the battery takes 1.5 hours.

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What is intelligent in this skateboard, you ask. Probably, like all other gadgets Xiaomi – the ability to remote control through a mobile application. Acton Smart Electric Skateboard comes with a remote control to control its various parameters. And in the application itself, you can adjust the speed limits, braking and LED backlighting.

Bicycle HIMO Electric Bicycle

HIMO Electric Bicycle is a bicycle with an electric drive and a stylish futuristic design. The novelty has received a compact, light (16.7 kg), but rather strong metal frame made of aluminum alloy.

For safe driving, a powerful LED-flashlight is placed in front and a brake light at the rear. Wear-resistant shock-absorbing tires provide comfortable riding on a bicycle.

Bicycle HIMO Electric Bicycle

On the steering wheel, there is a bicycle computer with a monochrome display that monitors the speed, distance and battery level. The bike has water protection in accordance with the IP54 standard.

HIMO Electric Bicycle is equipped with the brushless motor power of 250 watts. The battery is enough to drive up to 50 km with a maximum speed of 20 km / h. Charge about 6.5 hours.

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Both new items are launched on the Xiaomi road-hosting platform. In their successful financing, there is no doubt. Both the skateboard and the bicycle will go on sale in the Chinese market on July 31. Acton Smart Electric Skateboard costs $155, while HIMO Electric Bicycle is valued at $265.

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