Xiaomi Released a Clever Dog Collar and Water Filter

Xiaomi Dog Collar
Written by Hassan Abbas

The activity of the Chinese company Xiaomi is not limited to the creation of smartphones, tablets and fitness trackers. In its assortment, many interesting devices – from smart sneakers to televisions and scales. And now Xiaomi has also produced a water filter pitcher and a smart pet collar.

Xiaomi PetBit is a tracker that is attached to the collar and is designed to track the location of your pet. Its cost is 199 yuan (about 1900 rubles). The gadget allows you to not only determine where your dog is at the moment but also to keep track of what distance she has overcome in a certain time and how many calories she has spent. All this information the user will be able to share with his friends.

Xiaomi Dog Collar

Xiaomi Dog Collar

Xiaomi PetBit is clad in a waterproof case and weighs 26 grams. Built-in battery allows it to work without recharging for up to 30 days. The device supports GPS and Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT), and thanks to the display with the indication of blue color to detect the dog can be in complete darkness.

Xiaomi Water Filter

Xiaomi Water Filter

The device implemented a movement algorithm, developed with the physiological characteristics of more than 200 dog breeds, which allows you to anticipate the actions of your pet. If the dog is lost, you can generate a notification for the finder, which appears on the collar display.

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