Xiaomi Mi 8 Shows Cut in Single-Handed Operation Mode

Xiaomi Mi 8
Written by Hassan Abbas

It seems that Xiaomi is too serious about the implementation of the cutout on the screen in its latest flagship Mi 8. So seriously that it is impossible to get rid of it in the device control mode with one hand and maybe even in the screenshots.

On the popular news resource Reddit there was a photo of a working Xiaomi Mi 8 without any description. The photo clearly shows the so-called monobrovki or bangs when you turn on the control mode with one hand. In the comments of users, another question asks whether the cutout will be displayed in the screenshots.

As you know, neither the cutout nor the rounded corners should be displayed when creating a screenshot. At least that’s what happens on the iPhone X and all the other smartphones.

Xiaomi Mi 8

Xiaomi Mi 8 One-Handed Mode

Some users believe that Android in the current version at the moment perceives the cutout on the display as if it does not exist there. Therefore, when scaling the screen, it should not be displayed. Judging by the image, Xiaomi deliberately added it to the “one-armed” regime.

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Other users are inclined to believe that the software on the Mi 8 takes into account the cut, and accordingly, it is displayed also when scaling. In this case, the company would have to make a status bar for one-hand operation mode separately. There were also those who simply offered to file a petition to ban the cut-out on the screen.

Xiaomi has not reacted to this news in any way.

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