Xiaomi Introduced a Clever Soccer Ball for Children and Adults

Written by Hassan Abbas

Chinese techno giant Xiaomi did not stay aside from the World Cup, which started yesterday. In honor of the main sporting event of this summer, the company launched a new project on the crowdfunding platform – “smart” ball Insait Joy Smart Football.

In appearance, it is an ordinary soccer ball, available in two sizes – 4 (for children and teenagers) and 5 (for adults). The smaller version is represented in a yellow-blue color, and the standard adult version is in a more calm blue color.

Xiaomi Clever Soccer Ball

Xiaomi Clever Soccer Ball

The ball is made according to FIFA standards – from above is a durable leather, inside the butyl chamber. To produce it, the technology of seamless thermal bonding is used instead of traditional cross-linking. The ball has good tightness and prevents deformation due to wear or water ingress.

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Inside Insait Joy, Smart Football installed a module with sensors to track the trajectory of traffic in real time. To the ball is attached a mobile application that allows you to record a short video of the process of using it. In addition, there are 14 training programs with three levels of difficulty. The program evaluates the user’s skills and makes a rating of the achievements of the players. All information, including the results of training, is stored in the cloud.

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“Smart” stuffing can work up to 7 hours in the active mode or up to 40 days in standby mode. The device supports wireless charging, the docking station comes with it. Insait Joy Smart Football can be ordered for 299 yuan (about $ 47). The first delivery of the ball is scheduled for July 10.

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