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Xbox One
Written by Hassan Abbas

Gamers are arguing with Microsoft about the support of the Xbox One keyboard and mouse for several years. One side assures that the prefix should work exclusively with the gamepad, as originally conceived, while the other half of users favor the periphery from the computer. The share of logic is in each of the statements, but the creators of the console decided to act more openly and do not restrict players from choosing the type of controller for battles in virtual worlds. That is, Microsoft officially gave the green light to the use of keyboards and mice as the main input device for its set-top box.

Xbox One

Xbox One

Microsoft is negotiating with major game peripheral manufacturers so that in the near future gamers could connect absolutely all of their devices to the Xbox One without unnecessary problems. Support for planning wired options and models with a Bluetooth connection with a USB-receiver. At the moment, Razer already acts as a partner and very soon should announce the first devices certified for the console. The network has a rumor that the Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 and Razer Turret models are ready for full operation, plus Microsoft will give the API brand to implement the Razer Chroma RGB backlight. In Overwatch, for example, you can set the time to roll back skills to highlight the keys and get a small advantage.

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If peripheral manufacturers are only too happy about this news, game developers have a completely different mood. The fact is that many publishers have long fought against keyboards and mouses in multiplayer games on the Xbox One. A gamer with a gamepad in most situations loses in the speed of reaction and accuracy of targeting the opponent with a mouse in his hand, which the players themselves did not like very much. Now, Microsoft openly allows such an input method, and the problem of balance is placed on the shoulders of those very developers of game projects. Let’s see what it will lead to.

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