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Xbox One
Written by Hassan Abbas

Not all games will work with controllers from the PC. It all depends on the desire of developers to optimize their projects. Some time ago, developers from Microsoft have already talked about their desire to add support for keyboards and mice for the Xbox One console. We even promised that the manufacturer together with the company Razer will release a corporate set of peripherals, optimized for all the needs of the console.

This statement was made at the end of June, after which there was no news on the topic. Now, Phil Spencer, head of the game division of Microsoft, within Inside Xbox again reported on the work on supporting keyboards and mice. He says that very soon it will be possible to play shooters on the Xbox One without a gamepad in hand.

Xbox One

Support in their game keyboard with a mouse or not, the developers will decide for themselves. This is exclusively their choice, which Microsoft does not affect, – said Phil Spencer (Phil Spencer).

Such a loyal policy regarding the support of PC-controllers has liked both gamers and developers. Players do not have to buy a keyboard and mouse to go through their favorite stories on the console since the gamepad will always be supported. Small studios do not need to spend an already stingy budget on updating the management because it is not necessary.


Large publishers and so release their AAA-products immediately on the PC and consoles, they just need to add a new layout. The first game with keyboard and mouse support on Xbox One will be Warframe, the updated management will add in October.

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PS4 fans quite violently reacted to the news from Phil Spencer, because the Sony console input devices from the PC are supported for a long time. Part of their indignation is justified – the PS4 really works with the keyboard and mouse in the browser (yes, there is a browser on the “cooler”). However, these are completely two different dimensions.

In Microsoft, they want to give gamers the opportunity to choose from a huge market for gaming peripherals. On the PS4 there are only a few licensed controller-emulators that work terribly and cost a lot of money. Let’s hope that very soon Microsoft will make it all work and this will change the industry.

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