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What does WSG mean on Snapchat – User Guide

WSG mean on Snapchat
Written by Kelly Houstan

Texting and social media platforms did not really exist whenever acronyms were invented. Yet, without their relevance in daily messaging or social media as well. They would not really have achieved the level of celebrity that they do now. Acronyms are changing along with each generation who joins Social Media, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult in order to figure out what some of these short forms actually mean. Just read this article to know all about What does WSG means on Snapchat – User Guide. Let’s begin!

It’s obviously difficult for individuals who want to stay current along with the language as a new term appears on a regular basis. And yet one may be forced to or simply just want to learn for the purpose of knowing. WSG is an acronym that has been circulating on Snapchat, and also even the most seasoned acronym guessers are perplexed via it. So, what exactly does WSG stand for on Snapchat, and how you can you use it? Everything you should know is right here.

Acronyms existed much before texting and also Social Media platforms ever entered our lives. Still the kind of status that they enjoy in this day and age could not have been possible without even their relevance in daily texting or Social Media. Acronyms are evolving along with each and every generation that enters Social Media and it’s becoming harder and harder to discern what some of these short forms actually stand for as well.

What does WSG mean on Snapchat? 

According to Urban Dictionary, the top definition of WSG is actually What’s Good and is generally use in this context on Snapchat as well. It is mostly a conversation starter or more like an inquiry between two individuals. It also works as an effective replacement for What’s Up and How’s it actually going? Along with the emphasis on suggestions for a particular activity.

Other acronyms for WSG

If What’s Good does not really fit the context of the conversation you are having, then one of then the other party might be referring to a different full-form as well. There are many other acronyms that aren’t as general that also include White Girl Status and With Special Guest that are available in the pop-culture context.

How can you use WSG on Snapchat? 

Of course, while WSG is best used in Snapchat’s chat feature, one can also upload Snapchat Stories that asks What’s Good or also showing something that conveys the What’s Good part of the content as well. Here are a few conversation starters alog with which you can use WSG. Keep in mind that it functions best as a question as well.

1. WSG with you bro?
2. WSG at the restaurant?
3. WSG at the <name of event>
4. WSG at the <name of location>
5. WSG on the menu?


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