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Wordle Alternatives To Create A Word Cloud _Guide

Wordle Alternatives
Written by Lara John

Wordle Alternatives

Before we move to the Wordle Alternatives for the purpose to create the word cloud. You guys must be familiar with Wordle. What Wordle is? So, Wordle is basically a tool that will create a word cloud. Also, we can say is that it just like a visual presentation of words. So, that this will also arise this that is more often in a text. This will also create different patterns or designs of the words.

From the very first, A Wordle was only available for web browsers. Then later on a desktop app was launched. That app makes it became easier to use. Often the teachers and students use Wordle to create a word cloud. This is what if you don’t want to use Wordle for any reason? Now, you can also go for its alternatives.

In this case, we also gather the list of best Wordle alternatives to try new patterns. The font styles, and much more. Now, all of these apps are similar to Wordle. So, this is an online app that will also use on any device.

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The Best Wordle Alternatives That Work Online:-

So, there is no doubt that Wordle is one of the best cloud generators. However, besides this,  most of the other apps work similarly. Now, let’s get started and check out the best alternatives.

1. Wordle Alternatives: A TagCrowd

A TagCrowd alternative is one the best and most importantly a free online tool. This will mostly be used in commercial and non-commercial users. Most of the users want to customize the CSS and HTML using this tool. Also, this tool helps to learn the words that are mostly used in the written content. This is also an input, you can also paste, write, upload files, and more.

Wordle Alternatives

So, there are also having great features that are just like different languages available for text. Now, you can also set the maximum number of words to be shown. You can also select the frequency range and more.

To Visit the TagCrowd Website

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2. A Tagxedo Alternative:

This is also the alternative of wordle. In case, if you want to create a custom shape that will print this on mugs, t-shirts, mousepads, and more, then Tagxedo is great. Now, this is from your text, Tagxedo also generates aesthetically pleasing wordles.

Wordle Alternatives

Now, this tool is also free to use for the basic features. In this case, there are more than 300 designs from which you can choose. Also, the Tagxedo tool will available on the desktop, and use it. In this case, you must have to download Microsoft Silverlight.

To Visit Tagxedo Website

3. A WordArt Wordle Alternative:

A WordArt is also one of the best and free alternatives to Wordle. When you visit the website. Then you can also start creating your own word clouds. So, there will also have two sections available on the creating page. The first thing is that you can also add Texts to select the size, fonts, and color. Now, the other option will help you to select the shape, style, and layouts.

This is also available on the right-hand side. Then you will also see the cloud you have created by using the customization choices after you click on Visualize.

To Visit WordArt Website

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4. The WordItOut Wordle Alternatives:

So, the WordItOut is one of the best tools. That is used for the custom-made wordles then you can also download or embed the website. Also, it has a great user interface, this is also very easy to use. It can easily change the color, shape, font, and design of the word clouds.


Also, this tool is available for free, and then you can also create wordles from phrases. The whole documents, and more. This will also let you embed your wordles on a non-commercial website or blog. You just have to click on the Embed button, copy and paste the HTML into the website.

To Visit WordItOut Website

5. The ABCYA Word Cloud:

The ABCYA tool is mostly used for kids who work online. Now, we are also telling it is for kids. This is just because there are some of the great animations and cartoons which kids love. For most of the blank space, paste the content or text and then click on to create and to make a word cloud. So, this will also show you the design, which you can customize.

In this case, you can easily edit the word limit, shape, color, and font of the text. Also, if you want to add or remove the phrases or text. Then you can also save the word cloud to your PC as an image or get the print from the webpage.

Visit ABCYA Word Cloud Website

6. The Wordclouds Wordle Alternatives:

A Wordclouds is also a free online tool that is used for creating wordle. This is also compatible with PC, smartphones, and tablets. Now, this is effortless to use to paste the text and upload it to generate a wordle.


When the wordle is created, then you can also edit the words and word lists. You have to include important words. After that, you can also choose the shapes, themes, colors, and fonts for your design if you want.

Visit Wordclouds Website

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7. The Tricklar:

So, a Tricklar is mainly used to create a word cloud regarding the news. In case, if you don’t have the right content for the news. Then this tool might be good for teachers and students. Using this tool, you will also need to select the date for the news and then the location. So, According to the location the news will be selected.


When the news is selected, then you can also enter any keyword related to the news. This is something else that you can also select from the category from the news. You have to click on the Generate cloud. Now, you will also see the cloud created; there, you can change the fonts, color, and backgrounds.

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Wordle will help you to resolve most of your problems. That app makes it became easier to use. Often the teachers and students use Wordle to create a word cloud. This is what if you don’t want to use Wordle for any reason. Now, you can also go for its alternatives. Hope you like this wordle app and its alternatives too. Try this app and share your reviews with us! Thank You For Reading this!

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