Wolfteam’s Legend A Update Has Come

Wolfteam's Legend Update
Written by Hassan Abbas

With more than 30 million players, Wolfteam, the most played FPS game of our country, will enchant the players with its new update.

With the legend update this morning, new content is being presented to the players. With the update to the game, the players are offered 2 new legendary weapons. HKE417 Legend Pro offers players the ideal hardware for powerful and fast attacks. Zaitsev Legend Pro is a high damage structure that allows players to make accurate shots.

Wolfteam's Legend Update

In addition to the two legendary weapons that came to the game with the update, the three weapons in the race were also strong. ELWRCI M6A2 Legend Pro, Karma 98k Legend Pro and TUVV-2000 Elite weapons are the most popular weapons of the game. Damage, Head Damage, and Wolf Damage rates are increased. With the update, it was dressed specifically for the Cappadocia map and made it look more pleasant. With the update, the Demolition Mode of the Cappadocia map has been given a special look to celebrate the ASUS Wolfteam League Blue Season Final.

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You can find all the patch notes of the update here and you can have more information about the innovations.

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