Witcher 4 Will Have a New Main Character

Witcher 4
Written by Hassan Abbas

The actor who voiced Geralt, in his interview, told interesting information about Tsiri and her participation in the new “Witcher”.

The Witcher franchise has won the hearts of millions of fans around the world. Game critics, gamers, and journalists admired the third part, put her the highest marks and praised the developer for being able to stop on time. A small spoiler – in “Wild Hunt” the unbeaten Geralt came down from the distance, his story was finished. The screenwriters coped well with their task and showed a really interesting ending. However, this gaming universe has every chance of a new story, because Ciri has a huge potential for self-realization. This gamer talked about a long time, and now there are first rumors that it is she who will become the protagonist of the new part.

Witcher 4

Witcher 4

I do not really know anything about Witcher 4, but I think that Tsiri would be the ideal protagonist. It has its own rich history, which can be interesting to tell, plus in this world there is still a lot of secrets, enemies and plots. I think that CD Projekt Red know their business and produce cool games. In their place, I would certainly make her the main character of the new part. This is my personal opinion, “said actor Doug Cocker, who voiced Geralt.

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Now the talk about the fourth part of the Witcher is only a speculation on the attention of fans who are only dreaming about the continuation of history. You need to understand that now the developer is actively working on Cyberpunk 2077. This game takes away all the resources of CD Projekt Red, they even had to open a new studio, so as not to delay the creation of the project for another five years. The development of Witcher 4 will begin only after the release of a new role-playing game. Probably, if Tsiri becomes the main hero of the continuation of the cult franchise, then this will happen in three or four years.

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