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A Wireshark Android: What Are The Alternatives Of Wireshark

Wireshark Android
Written by Lara John

Wireshark Android

This guide is especially for those users who have no about Wireshark Android. What is Wireshark Android, how to use it? And what are the alternatives? So, let’s have a look at this guide. In case, if you are engaged enough with the network communication system. Then you must be aware of the term WireShark. Shortly this is one of the most popular and people’s favorite network analyzers, unluckily it’s not available for Android. Most of the users have to go for other Wireshark alternatives. Fortunately, we have a list of such apps that we are going to share today.

Now, if you want to monitor traffic and analyze packets. Then you must have a search that is for the best Wireshark alternatives as well. However, we thought about discussing some of the best alternatives to Wireshark available for Android. Now, All of these are free to use and easy to get a grip on.

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What is Wireshark Android?

A Wireshark is also a powerful tool that wil require a sound knowledge of networking basics. This is for the most modern enterprises. It also means that understanding the TCP/IP stack, & how to read and interpret the packet header. This is how routing, port forwarding, and DHCP work,

Working: What does Wireshark do?

A Wireshark will intercept the traffic and also convert that binary traffic into a human-readable format. Also, it will make it easy to identify what traffic is crossing your network. This is how much of it, how frequently, how much latency there is between certain hops, and so forth.

However, a Wireshark also supports more than two thousand network protocols. Also, most of them esoteric, uncommon, or old, modern security professionals. This will also find analyzing IP packets to be of most immediate usefulness. Also, the majority of the packets on your network are likely to be TCP, UDP, and ICMP.

Also, the Given large volume of traffic that will cross a typical business network. A Wireshark tool will also help you to filter that traffic. This is what makes it especially useful. A Capture filter will also collect only the types of traffic you’re interested in. You can also display filters that will also help you to zoom in on the traffic you want to inspect. Also, The network protocol analyzer will provide search tools. It includes these regular expressions and colored highlighting, to make it easy to find what you’re looking for. Most of the time the best way to find anomalous traffic is to capture everything and establish a baseline.

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Ways To use Wireshark?

So, you all need to know what is normal to find what is abnormal. A Wireshark also includes different tools to create baseline statistics. Also, Wireshark is a network protocol analyzer, and not an intrusion detection system (IDS). So, nevertheless, you can also prove extremely useful to zeroing. This is available on the malicious traffic once a red flag has been raised.

A Wireshark can also be used to intercept and then analyze encrypted TLS traffic. Having a Symmetric session key will also be stored in the browser. This is with the appropriate browser setting (and permission and knowledge of the user) an administrator. Also, it will load those session keys into Wireshark and examine unencrypted web traffic.

The Wireshark will also come with graphical tools to visualize the statistics. It makes this very easy to spot general trends and to present findings to less-technical management.

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A-List of Best Wireshark Android Alternatives:

So, here are some of the best Wireshark alternatives available for Android.

1. Wireshark Android: CloudShark

Wireshark Android

If it comes to the best alternatives to WireShark. A CloudShark is probably having the first name to strike your mind. However, both of these works quite different. Also, the purpose that is still the same. So, this is also a web-based platform using which you can see all your network-related problems.

Moreover, this will also behave like a dropbox where you can drag and drop files seamlessly. A CloudShark that is easy to use will eventually surprise you with unexpected results.

Download here

2. Wireshark Android: A cSploit

A cSploit will also consider as the MetaSploit for Android. Also, this is basically a complete professional penetration testing tool. Most importantly, design for the advanced users. A cSploit can also collect and then see the host system fingerprints. You can also create a map for the entire local network, create TCP and UDP packets, execute MITM attacks, etc. Additionally, it will also allow DNS spoofing, redirection of traffic, hijacking sessions, and more.

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3. The zAnti Wireshark Android:

A zAnti is also an open-source complete penetration testing tool. It is one of the best alternatives to WireShark. So, Along with the network testing, you can also run a lot of other tests simultaneously with just a single click.

Wireshark Android

This is one of the best things about zAnti is that it is not time-consuming. Also, it will provide you a detailed report about how you can protect your network from future attacks. So, Above all, it will also come for free but needs your email address before downloading.

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4. A Packet Capture:

So, Unlike zAnti and cSploit, A Packet Capture is a dedicated app that will also use the local VPN to capture and record network traffic. Moreover, you can also use its MITM attacks. You can also decrypt the SSL communications. From this, it will also make use of the local VPN, it also ensures more accuracy. Also, Most importantly, it can even run without any root permission and will also come completely free of cost.

5. The Debug Proxy:

A Debugproxy is also another WireShark alternative that will also interact with the traffic passing through it. This is by using a dashboard based on the web. An HTTP/s hosts this proxy server, and then you will also need an SSL certificate when you first install it.

Wireshark Android

It means you can also use the browser on your phone and your tablet. You have to view the traffic entity sent from the apps on your cell to the internet. A Debugproxy also has the ability to intercept HTTPS and HTTP2 traffic. This also issues certificates on the fly.

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6. The Wi-inspect:

A Wi-fispect is basically an android app that is used by computer security researchers and also the network administrators. So, this will also provide enough facilities such as UPnP Device Scanner. The Network Sniffer, Pcap Analyzer, Access Point Scanner, Internet vulnerability Scanner, etc

A Wi-Finspect is a free app without ads. Also, it has a multi-tool intended for computer security professionals. Also, the other users are a bit advanced. You also wish to monitor the networks they own or have permissions.

7. The Android Tcpdump:

An Android tcpdump, a command-line tool for Android devices. This means it is not that user-friendly but still cool. Although, you have to use the Linux operating system that will feel better at home as they already have experience with command-line tools.


You have to use this, and then the phone needs to be rooted. So, terminal access will also be needed. Terminal emulators are also needed for that. Then this is not a great issue as they are easily available in the Google Play Store.

8. The Net Monster:

A NetMonster is basically a network monitoring app that will also help you. Also, you can detect illegal signals than you have been receiving by analyzing the nearby cell towers.

This will also collect CI, IB, CID, TAC, PCI, RSSI, RSRP, RSRQ, SNR, CQI, TA, EARFCN, Band+ information and delivers it to your screen. Also, the NetMonster will collect all the data from the nearby network. This is without their acknowledgment. You have to use and then collect and analyze all the data.

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9. A Nmap Wireshark Android:

In case, if you frequently use Wireshark on your Windows computer. So, you would already know of N-map. The N-map is also a command-line interface for wi-Fi or network tracing. So, you can do a lot of things with N-map. It will also include an Ip tracing. A Packets picturing, host information, domain details, and much more.


10. The Mojo Packets:

This is also a very simple to use GUI-based approach. You have to handle and then view all the speakers that are going over the internet. In case, if you are a system admin and then want to check which packets originate from a device. You have to go to a web server, this app will also give you the best graphical approach. Now, the user interface is also quite similar to that of Wireshark Android.

mojo packet

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So, Wireshark android provides you different alternatives. These alternatives will help you to use the Wireshark. Also, you must be aware of the term WireShark. Shortly this is one of the most popular and people’s favorite network analyzers, unluckily it’s not available for Android. Most of the users have to go for other Wireshark alternatives.

In the end, you also have to come through some of the best Wireshark alternatives. In this case, you can also make the right choice and leverage it to get the best results. Now, you can easily monitor and then track ongoing packets in your connected network. You can also install these packet analyzer apps and jumpstart your cybersecurity career.

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