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How to Fix Windows 10 Settings won’t Open

App can’t open
Written by Kelly Houstan

If you guys have recently updated your PC then you might also see a strange problem where your Windows Setting window won’t open. Even though you guys found yourself continuously tapping on the Setting link. Even if you guys tap on the shortcut keys (Windows Key + I) in order to open Settings, then the Settings app will also not launch or open. In a lot f cases, users are reporting that the Windows Store app opens up in place of the Settings app, then also even though they are tapping on Settings. Just read this article to know all about How to Fix Windows 10 Settings won’t Open. Let’s start!

Microsoft is also aware of this issue and has launched a troubleshooter which seems to fix the issue in a lot of cases but if unfortunately. You guys are still stuck with this problem then this guide is actually for you. So without even wasting any further time let’s see how you can actually Fix Windows Settings that won’t open in Windows 10. Along with the help of the below troubleshooting guide as well.

Microsoft has released Cumulative Update for Windows 10 KB3081424 also includes a fix that will avoid this issue from occurring as well.

Run Microsoft Troubleshooter

  • Tap on here in order to download the Troubleshooter.
  • You have to run the Troubleshooter and then see if you are able to fix the issue.
  • Just open Command Prompt. The user can also perform this step via searching for ‘cmd’ and then click on Enter.
  • Then type the following command into cmd and then click on Enter:

wuauclt.exe /updatenow

  • Now wait for the update process to start, if it doesn’t really try the command a few more times.
  • Just reboot your PC in order to save changes.

Create a New User Account | Windows 10 Settings

  • You have to open Command Prompt. The user can also perform this step via searching for ‘cmd’ and then click on Enter.
  • Then type the following command into cmd and click on Enter:

net user username password /add

Note: You hav to replace username and password along with the new account username and the password you guys want to set for that account.

  • When the user is created you guys will see a success message, now you guys have to add the new user account to the Administrator group. To do this, just type the following command in cmd and click on Enter:

net localgroup administrators username /add

Note: Just replace the username along with the account username you guys set up in step 2.

  • Now tap on Ctrl + Alt + Del together and then just tap on Sign out. And then sign in to your new account along with the username and password you guys specified in step 2.
  • Just check if you are able to open the Settings app and if you guys are successful then copy your personal data and files to the new account as well.

Make sure Windows is up to date

  • Click on Windows Key + I in order to open Settings and then tap on Update & Security.
  • Just from the left-hand side, just menu tap on Windows Update.
  • Now tap on the “Check for updates” button in order to check for any available updates as well.
  • If any updates are pending and then just tap on Download & Install updates.

Use Powershell to reinstall preinstalled apps | Windows 10 Settings

  • Just right-click the Start button and choose Windows PowerShell (Admin) from the list.
  • Now type or paste this code and click on Enter in order to run it:powershell -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register $Env:SystemRoot\ImmersiveControlPanel\AppxManifest.xml
  • This process might take a while, so just make sure that you guys wait until it’s finished actually.

    Update Windows

    • Tap on the Start button and type update, and then choose Check for updates from the results.
    • Now, tap on the Check for updates button. If there are any new updates, the system will also download as well as install them.

    Windows 10 Settings

    Microsoft most of the time releases patches and fixes for a lot of system problems via Windows Update. The solution above still directs you guys to the Settings app so if you still can’t really access it. Then the only solution you guys have in this case is just to install the updates manually.


    Well, That is all from my side. If you want to know more about this article or have any queries. Then feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below.

    Have a Good Day!

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