Windows 10 April 2018 Update is Here, Here is the List of New Features

Windows 10 April 2018 Update is Here
Written by Hassan Abbas

The new great update of Windows 10 is here. Redstone 4, the name with which we had known it since its inception, which became Spring Creators Update and has ended up being called “Windows 10 April 2018 Update“. An update that comes loaded with a new weight that should not be overlooked.

Windows 10 is already a mature operating system and although with this update the improvements are not so much draft (some have been left along the way ) as on other occasions, yes there are some additions that either expected or because of its importance, you have to analyze more carefully.

Windows 10 April 2018 Update is Here


Although it had to have arrived with Fall Creators Update, it has suffered delays until it has finally come true with Spring Creators Update. An addition that offers users the possibility to access in a kind of time chronology for all the applications that we have been using.

With “Windows Timeline” we will have access to a kind of task management system, being able to access both those we have open at a time and those we have used. Even with applications open days ago.

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Quick Pair

Windows 10 April 2018 Update

The option to pair a Bluetooth device improves thanks to “Quick Pair”. And is that Microsoft wants to eliminate the problems that Windows 10 sometimes offers when we want to add any wireless device with the blue connection.

“Quick Pair” is a tool prepared to solve the connectivity conflicts that may arise so that associating another device with our computer under Windows 10 will now be easier. Of course, the devices must be compatible with Quick Pair to be used with this option.

Focus Assist

Windows 10 April 2018 Update

One of the new features of the April update is the so-called “concentration assistant”. It is a kind of “Do not disturb” mode 2.0 that improves usability by allowing the user to establish what type of notifications you want to receive.

We can configure it at our pleasure and establish what notifications we want to receive based on a certain priority through applications. We can thus receive only the alarms or only the notifications of the mail application.

And to not lose detail of the applications that have not appeared in the notifications, we can access a summary of what we have missed while we have been working.

Near Share

Windows 10 April 2018 Update

“Near Share” is another of the most interesting options that will come with Windows 10 Spring Creators Update. A tool to share more quickly all kinds of content that many will remember the way AirDrop works in macOS.

“Near Share” is based on the use of Bluetooth to show a list of nearby devices with which to share content. Once both devices are located (both must have the latest available update installed) we can send or receive the files we want.

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Progressive Web Applications

If we had already spoken at the time of the Universal Applications, now it has to do it of the PWA (Progressives Web Applications) or “Progressive Web Applications”. These are a kind of applications halfway between native applications and web applications with the advantages that this entails.

We can use web applications as if they were desktop applications, working even without a connection. In addition, these will be updated in a faster way by the developers and can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

Some “Progressive Web Applications” (PWA) of which we have already seen how Twitter has been one of the first to get on the bandwagon and in which we see how it makes use of the same interface and the operation that we have when using the native web client. A final door that wants to break the differences between desktop clients and web applications.

HDR Support

Windows 10 April 2018 Update

Windows 10 supports the use of “HDR”, a visual improvement increasingly present in our devices. If we already have more and more televisions and monitors with HDR support, now Windows 10 is prepared to offer support to this improvement.

Windows 10 will have an HDR video calibration system that will allow us to obtain the best features whether to be applied in games or movies. Of course, we have to have a monitor or an HDR compatible television.

Diagnostic Data Viewer

Windows 10 April 2018 Update

Windows 10 wants to be more transparent to users at a time when the privacy of our data is under suspicion that never on the part of large technology companies. For this, Microsoft wants us to know what data is available to us.

To do this they introduce the “Diagnostic Data Viewer”, a tool within the “Windows Configuration” that allows the user to know all the information that the operating system is gathering, grouped for a better view by applications and even by type of event.

Edge improvements

Edge has a lot to do to get close to the performance offered by Firefox and Chrome and although it is still far away, Microsoft’s effort to shorten distances is appreciated. And Windows 10 Spring Creators Update is another step to achieve this goal.

Now Microsoft Edge has a new “Hub” to manage bookmarks, downloads, history or even eBooks that we can buy in the Microsoft Store. In addition, now Edge will remember information of forms that we have completed to save us work in subsequent occasions.

Another of the improvements that we will see is the possibility of silencing browser tabs in a way that is comparable to the options we see in Firefox and Chrome. In addition, a “clutter-free” page printing mode has been added to Microsoft Edge, the purpose of which is not to print ads or other elements that have nothing to do with the main objective.

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Improved Cortana

Cortana has a lot of work if she wants to stand up to Alexa from Amazon, especially now that both can work almost side by side. An assistant, Cortana, who now opens an interface that improves the way to access, now simpler, our lists and reminders.

The Cortana Collections have also been added to the Lists, and if we have installed Spotify and added it to Cortana’s “Skills”, we can use the voice to control the reproduction. In this way, we can order Cortana to reproduce a song, an artist, a genre or a type of music directly with this assistant.

Changes in Configuration

The old control panel goes to a better life and Windows 10 Spring Creators Update is a good touchstone to check the improvements in the “Configuration” section that arrive to retire to the well-known “Control Panel”.

So now from the “Settings” panel, we can access the options related to the typefaces that we have on the computer. We can install and uninstall fonts, but also these fonts can also be found in the Microsoft Store.

The “Configuration” menu of Windows 10 takes a step forward and seeks to eliminate the “Control Panel”. Now this updated menu integrates the functions of the “Control Panel” and has done it in a harmonious and successful way. An improvement that has not been from our point of view well publicized.

There are many changes in the “Settings” menu. So within “System” in the “Storage” area appears a new tool to free space “in the classic hard disk space-releasing in Windows that now acquires a new dimension.

The “Sound” is the new section that arrives at the “Configuration” and is found, like the previous one, inside “System”. A zone to control the input and output devices, adjust volume, customize the volume of each application and generally control all possible aspects.

Within “Applications” we now see the “Incio” section. A new zone to access the activation or deactivation of programs that we do not want to be active in the system. It gives the jump from the “Task Manager”.

Improvements in accessibility improve and now it is possible to dictate text and control the device only with the voice. The possibility to write in any app using the voice has been improved, although and how we are sadly accustomed, it is only available in English.

Now Fluent Design extends to more sections like the “Configuration” or the interface to share. The design of the “Game Bar” has been changed and there is even an option to prioritize the connection of mobile data to Wi-Fi if we have a modem integrated into our PC or laptop.

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More and better climbing options

This new version of Windows 10 tries to put an end to the problems of scaling that make some applications in very high resolutions the interface of some applications loses viewing quality.

To this end, a new option called “Correct application scaling” is added, which is available in the Windows 10 configuration. With this function, the operating system will try to correct the scaling problems in applications that may have problems. And it will do so automatically as if we execute the assistant.

This update has begun today and may take a few days to reach your team because the distribution in the market will be progressive.

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