Windows 10 and its Spring Update Could Arrive in Early May

Windows 10 Spring Update
Written by Hassan Abbas

We are still waiting for the release of the Windows 10 update that should have been released on April 10 this year. Redstone 4, Spring Creators Update or Update of April of Windows 10 are the names that we have seen has been receiving but almost at the end of April, we still do not know anything about it.

Build 17133 pointed to what could be the RTM but a present failure that caused the feared blue screens made Redmond had to launch a new compilation in the form of Build 17134. A compilation that apparently again showed another failure that affected the “Settings” menu and that apparently and despite the problem, maybe the final.

Windows 10 Spring Update

No Official News Yet

Little more is known about the expected update and without any official statement announcing any date we are left with the latest rumor that has emerged in this regard. A rumor that suggests that May could be the month in which the spring update will begin to unfold .

The sources of the filtration come from China and affirm that this update could be released between May 8 and 9 as initial dates to begin a progressive and phased deployment.

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A date that also coincides with the celebration of the developer conference known as Build 2018, which will take place between those dates and the Keynote that Joe Belfiore will give on May 9. It could therefore be an ideal time to announce the arrival of the new version of Windows 10.

Keep in mind that it is only a rumor and therefore you have to take it as such . There is no official information on this matter since Microsoft is taking a touch as sensitive and prudent a subject as delicate as the one that concerns us.

Imagine an update that will reach tens of millions of computers with a draft failure. It could cause a major crisis within the company, so it is better to have some patience and wait for it to be released at the right time.

Via: onmsft

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