Wi-Fi Will Become More Secure

Wi-Fi security WPA3
Written by Hassan Abbas

The organization Wi-Fi Alliance officially launches a new security protocol WPA3, which will replace the WPA2, used by Wi-Fi devices since 2004.

WPA3 is the next-generation standard, providing more reliable encryption of data transmitted over a wireless connection. Its main advantages are enhanced protection from guessing the password by the brute-force method (Personal mode – individual encryption) and 192-bit encryption for networks that require the greatest protection (Enterprise mode – corporate encryption).

Wi-Fi security WPA3

Wi-Fi security WPA3

Together with WPA3, Easy Connect will be put into operation – for simpler connection of small smart gadgets with small screens or without screens at all. The connection of such devices to Wi-Fi will be carried out by scanning the QR-code with a smartphone.

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It is assumed that WPA3 will not replace WPA2 immediately. This will take several years until the manufacturers of various devices finally go to it. Distributed it will start in late 2019 but will be present as an option. Currently, the current protocol is WPA2. In October last year, it found a vulnerability that allows attackers to intercept traffic and other data connections, including the password from Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi security WPA3

Wi-Fi security WPA3

Support for WPA3 will eventually become mandatory for any product certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance. And it’s good for the industry as a whole, because it guarantees a secure connection for all devices, whether it’s a router or a smartphone.

Via: Theverge

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