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Why is Crunchyroll So Slow – Make it Stream Faster

Why is Crunchyroll So Slow
Written by Kelly Houstan

Crunchyroll actually has a reputation to deliver some of the best anime available anywhere in the globe. It also has a reputation for being choppy, slow, and occasionally unreliable as well. However, some of that isn’t down to Crunchyroll, and it is nevertheless frustrating. Fortunately, there are also a few things that you can do at your end in order to make Crunchyroll stream faster. This tutorial will basically walk you through them. Just read this article to know all about Why is Crunchyroll So Slow – Make it Stream Faster. Let’s start!

If it’s the Crunchyroll servers having issues, no amount of tinkering on your device or network is also going to help. That said, these tweaks will also help along with any kind of streaming so even if you guys are not watching Crunchyroll. However, Netflix or Hulu instead, that these tricks will work.

Why is Crunchyroll So Slow – Make it Stream Faster

There are also a few simple tricks that can make Crunchyroll and many other streaming services work faster, bufferless, and improve the overall experience as well. They also cannot overcome a slow internet connection or ISP network issue actually. However, will make sure that your side of the connection is working as best it can as well.

Check your network

If your router also has a traffic analyzer or connected devices list. Then just check that to see who else is through the network. If you guys see someone else via a lot of traffic, no amount of tweaking is going to help as well. You will either have to negotiate along with the other user to moderate their use. Or also kick them from the network on the router. I also suggest the first option to prevent undue confrontations.

If you guys are accessing Crunchyroll through WiFi, then use a channel analyzer on your phone in order to see what WiFi channels are least congested and also have the strongest signal as well. Switch your router to that channel in order to help improve WiFi speed as well.

Boost your wireless signal strength

If you guys find the signal strength in your room or wherever you are watching Crunchyroll isn’t really strong. And changing channels won’t improve it as well, just consider via a signal booster. These are also simple devices that plug into the mains, now join your existing network, and also boost the signal into hard-to-reach places. They can cost as little as $20 and can also transform a wireless signal.

Use an HTML 5 player

The Crunchyroll player isn’t the best and can also cause buffering that can be really frustrating. You can also use an HTML 5 extension in your browser and play your anime with that. I use Firefox and HTML 5 Video Everywhere works well for me. There are Chrome options for many other players too. Install the HTML 5 player and then play your anime via that rather. It also makes the world of difference!

Use VLC for playback

Did you guys know you can use VLC to play network streams? VLC has to be one of the lightest and most efficient media players out there and it also works along with Crunchyroll. Download or open VLC, choose File, and Open Network Stream as well. Type or paste the video URL from the stream and choose Play. The stream should load and play instantly and seamlessly.

Clear your device cache

If you guys watch Crunchyroll on a phone or tablet, then clearing the device cache can also have a positive effect on the quality of playback as well. The device cache is notorious to slow down apps so to clear it will help device performance across the board.

Shut down competing apps

Whenever you’re streamlining your phone or tablet, then shut down any other power-hungry apps. Shut down Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and also any app that uses the processor, memory, and network as well. All those apps can be resource-hungry at times, also especially Facebook. Now closing them means more of your device resources then head to playing your anime.

Change your VPN endpoint

If you guys are using a VPN to access Crunchyroll and then it’s running slow, also change the server you connect to. Many VPN apps will also show you that servers are running the fastest for your region and which are running slower as well. Switch VPN servers to the faster ones and you guys should see an improvement in your playback.

Switch from wireless to Ethernet

If your wireless network isn’t the strongest or fastest, then just watch Crunchyroll on a PC or Mac instead of using Ethernet. A wired connection is much faster than WiFi which advantages streaming. If your wireless network is busy, then Ethernet won’t be competing for a signal. So won’t be slowed down via other users. Not until it hits the internet as well anyway.

This is also less than ideal if you’re used to watching your anime on a mobile device. However, if all else fails it might be exactly what you guys have to watch without buffering.

All of these methods will also help make Crunchyroll stream faster. As long as the delays are not server-side, then you should see an advantage from at least one of these methods. They will not only speed up Crunchyroll, but they will also speed up all streaming services which has to be a good thing right as well?


Well, That all from my side. If you want to know more about this “Why is Crunchyroll So Slow” article or have any queries. Then feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below.

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