WhatsApp Will Now Mark the Forwarded Messages

Whatsapp Forwarded Messages
Written by Hassan Abbas

The possibility of “forwarding” a message to copy it completely in another conversation was already an existing possibility in the WhatsApp client, although there was no difference between the text pasted from the outside and the one that we could write. From now on things change, because when we send or receive a forwarded message, the annotation will appear next to it, confirming it.

This feature is available in the latest beta of the official WhatsApp client for Android, specifically v2.18.179. To check its efficiency, we only have to forward any message. To do this we will perform a long press on it and we will give the icon of the curved arrow pointing to the right of the top bar of contextual tools.

Whatsapp Forwarded Messages

Whatsapp Forwarded Messages

Even so, there are many ways to skip this shipment so that it continues to look like we have written it. If we paste the message into an external text editor and copy and paste it again in the destination conversation, the notification will be deleted. This will only make an appearance when we use the forwarding function directly within the app.

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