WhatsApp will Fight Against Spam by Limiting Massive Message Chains

Written by Hassan Abbas

WhatsApp will prohibit the indiscriminate forwarding of messages to avoid the proliferation of false news and chains with scams through its service.

As we already know, instant messaging services today serve as heirs to the classic chain emails that proliferated so many years ago. Such is the problem that there is no day without a loophole that has spread rapidly among thousands of users without any filter other than the credibility of the recipients. To combat this, WhatsApp has begun to deploy new features in its official client to fight against fake news chains.


Massive forwarding control

In a recent statement through its official blog, WhatsApp has announced that it will begin to take action against users who massively forward a message to several of their contacts at the same time. As a test, a limitation will be made for the users of India (one of the countries with the most massive message forwarding through the Internet) in which they can only automatically forward the same message to no more than five contacts From there, the copy will have to be made individually one by one, which will serve to limit the massive proliferation of said contents.

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Tagging of forwarded messages

The other feature is now available to all users after previously passing through the beta channel. It is about the automatic labeling of messages when they have been forwarded from another conversation. From now on we will see the message “Forwarded” on each of the messages that have reached us through this procedure. Although it is not a mere imitation, it will make us aware when we receive a message whose credibility or validity is in question.

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