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Make a WhatsApp Voice or Video Call via Google Assistant

Google Assistant is including WhatsApp voice and video call support
Written by Hassan Abbas

Google Assistant is much more than try to search for your queries. Starting from setting up a reminder to watching videos on YouTube, it has covered it all. Plus, it’s incorporation with various third-party messaging apps has further proved to be a bonus for many users. Now, we come to know that it is not just limited to sending messages. You could now even make a WhatsApp Voice or Video Call using the Google Assistant app. Let’s see how this could be done.

Making WhatsApp Audio/Video Calls

If you have set up the Google Assistant app on your mobile device, you may directly invoke it by saying OK Google or Hey Google. Or you can also set it up right away using the below instructions. Otherwise, if you think that these steps are asking too much from you, you may also wake up the assistant app using the dedicated key, if available or by long-pressing the Home button on your device.

This is how you could train the Assistant to make a WhatsApp voice or video call via the Google Assistant app.


  • Open the Google App on your device.
  • Tap on More and go to the Settings menu.
  • Under Settings, select the Google Assistant option.
  • Now tap on Assistant, scroll down to the bottom until you reach the Assistant devices section.
  • Select the Phone option and under Voice match, tap on Voice model. Train your Assistant by saying OK Google and Hey Google a few numbers of times and you are good to go.

Set up the app? Good. Now follow the instructions given in the next section to make a WhatsApp Voice or Video call using the Google Assistant app.

WhatsApp Voice/Video Commands

To make a WhatsApp Voice Call, use the following Google Assistant commands:

  • OK Google, make a WhatsApp call to <name>
  • OK Google, call <name> on WhatsApp

However, if you wish to make a WhatsApp Video Call via Google Assistant, use any of the two commands:

  • OK Google, make a WhatsApp video call to <name>
  • OK Google, video call <name> on WhatsApp

While making a video call, you must include the WhatsApp keyword. Otherwise, the call would take place via the Google Duo app.


So that’s all about the handy Commands to make a WhatsApp Voice or Video Call. Will you be using this newfound way of WhatsApp calling or the in-app method will still be the go-to one. Do let us know in the comments section below!

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