WhatsApp: this is all the information you will find when requesting the report of your data

Written by Hassan Abbas

WhatsAppWith the countdown to the new data protection law (GDPR) underway, you have surely seen that all the applications and services where you have an account begin to be much more transparent than usual. Suddenly several services have been quick to explain how to download all the information they have about you and update terms and conditions of use.

We have explained exactly how to ask WhatsApp for the information available to you. Now it’s time to download the report, which arrives in an HTML file inside a .zip, as is usual in these cases, and make an analysis of its content. It has many interesting sections.

The report includes several sections classified by data category. We will go through all of them to see exactly what information Facebook keeps, in this case with its WhatsApp application, about us.

User information

This section includes self-referential information: that is, it summarizes when we request the report about our data and when it was created. It also shows the phone number and name, if available, as well as the status: offline or online, either on the mobile or in its web version, and the time it takes you not to connect.

They also have all the information about your device: the model, version of the operating system and WhatsApp that you use, manufacturer …

The section is completed with your phrase of ‘status’, the date (and time!) In which you wrote it and your profile picture (with date and time of upload). Also, the phone numbers of all your contacts and the names of your WhatsApp groups (let me add that this is one of the funniest parts and the report for anyone).

Conditions of service

The new service conditions that you have to accept to use WhatsApp have been updated. The report shows if the 2016 terms were accepted when it was done exactly if the option to share data was dropped, and finally, if the new 2018 terms of use were accepted and, once again, when it was made exactly.

Registration information and Settings

This section gives more information about the device model, platform, network and the registration date of it.

In Settings we can check our privacy settings: to whom we allow to see the time of the last connection (apart from the WhatsApp itself), who can see our profile picture and status information and what numbers we have blocked, as well as if we have activated or not the famous ” double blue check “.

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