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WhatsApp Mods: What is WhatsApp And WhatsApp Mods?

WhatsApp Mods
Written by Hassan Abbas

Whatsapp Mod

WhatsApp is the most famous messaging app for smartphones. In this, we are going to compare both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Mods. Due to its availability, it is the most popular app. About a billion people are already familiar with WhatsApp. But they don’t know that there are many WhatsApp Mod available. In WhatsApp mods, they offer more special features than the normal WhatsApp. So this article is about WhatsApp mod. Let’s have a look.

 Difference between WhatsApp And WhatsApp Mods?

You can directly download WhatsApp from the google play store.

Moded WhatsApp:

There are many moded WhatsApp available on the internet. Just like GB WhatsApp. But that WhatsApp cannot download from the play store. It requires us to visit the third party website and download the APK for that mode WhatsApp.

You can download the GB WhatsApp APK from this link.


Official WhatsApp:

The official WhatsApp app does not provide so many features. Only the main functionality features will be available on the app. The features are of a moderate level. It provides the feature like last seen on and off. Also, contact hiding on status.

Moded WhatsApp:

The important reason for using the moded version of the app is to avail more features. Those features are not available on the official app. These versions of WhatsApp will have a large range of features to use.

  • They can send high-resolution pictures or videos.
  • It provides the features of the last seen showing online as well as typing as always.
  • You can also view messages or statuses even the sender deletes.
  • Through this, you can easily  Download or Save status.  Without using any other third-party app.
  • You can also change the interface of the app using themes Also you can change the icon.
  • Turn on the enabling or disabling proximity sensor in the Moded WhatsApp.

What are the Drawbacks of WhatsApp and WhatsApp Mods?

WhatsApp Mods

In the previous version of WhatsApp, they don’t have the ability to hide our last seen from others. But the latest version of WhatsApp has all the features available in it. And the more features added into the new version of WhatsApp. The main reason for using this version is that they vanish rapidly. WhatsApp also provides us the feature to add the wallpaper in the chat background.  This mode version may also violate some privacy policies during use. It is also possible that WhatsApp permanently bans your account.   if they will come to know that any modded version is using. So, there is a lot of risk in using this version.


So, this is the difference between both WhatsApp. But we recommend you to use the official version. It has fewer chances of risk. Your account may be permanently banned that’s why avoid the risk.

Hope you liked this article. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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  • Well, I think there are so many uses and bad things u say about it. First of all, thanks for questioning this in this forum.
    According to my, Whatsapp is simple and fast, I can easily message my friends though I have only one or two friends lol. I hate one thing about whatsapp is that the lack of privacy as the new update is about to release. They say, that will show ads to the business whatsapp users. I really love that app btw.

  • Thanks for sharing, this was actually useful. Would love to see more such interesting content.

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