WhatsApp for iPhone is Updated With New Features

WhatsApp for iPhone
Written by Hassan Abbas

WhatsApp for iOS is one of the most used applications on the platform, along with the rest offered by Facebook or some of Google, few can boast of having such a high user base. That’s why the application constantly receives updates to keep the app up to date, but from time to time, also some more relevant update with news. In this case, these developments focus on improvements for group administrators and video viewing.

Version 2.18.51 is being gradually deployed to all iOS users with WhatsApp installed. In this new version, we have a total of three new features, where perhaps the one that has to do with the viewing of Facebook and Instagram videos is the most important of all. To check if you have these new options, check in the App Store that your app has been updated to version 2.18.51.

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‎WhatsApp Messenger
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Watch videos on WhatsApp in a floating window

At the beginning of the year, the developers of the app introduced a new and especially useful feature that allowed us to watch YouTube videos directly in the app. When you received a YouTube link, you no longer had to leave WhatsApp to watch the video. Not only that but also the videos were opened in a floating window inside the app, which we could slide on the screen to continue chatting or reading messages at the same time. Now, this also applies to Facebook and Instagram.

According to the last update of the app, if we receive a Facebook or Instagram link that is a video, we can see it directly in the app. When receiving or sending the video link, a preview will appear and if we open it, it will be played in a floating window within WhatsApp. While playing you can leave the chat or continue writing and be reading messages without stopping playback.

WhatsApp for iPhone

On the other hand, WhatsApp 2.18.15 also incorporates improvements for group administrators. These improvements are the first option to discard other administrators of a group from the group information window. Second, administrators can choose who can change the description, icon, and subject of a group. This is especially useful for better management of the groups and provides greater control to the administrators of the same.

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