WhatsApp Copies Telegram Channels

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Written by Hassan Abbas

In the upcoming update of the world-famous instant messenger WhatsApp, we expect the appearance of channels of the type in Telegram. In the application log, developers announced the addition of the ability to create groups that only administrators can write.

To start using channels, you need the latest version of WhatsApp, the distribution of which began on June 29. To enable the function, you need only activate the “Administrators only” option in the group settings. According to the developers, this move will simplify the life of the messenger’s users, enabling them to create channels for obtaining important information from schools, companies and other organizations.

Google News Publisher Center.

Recall, previously a similar function began to test the social network “VKontakte”. Thus, more and more services are beginning to borrow ideas from Telegram on the background of problems with the legislation, which is currently being tested by Pavel Durov’s messenger. A bit earlier, the domestic analog Telegram – “TamTam” – was actively promoted in the network. However, the application was not widely distributed, according to Mediascope, the audience of the blocked instant messenger has decreased by only 49 thousand users.

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