WhatsApp Backups will Not take Up Space in Google Drive

Google Drive
Written by Hassan Abbas

Google and WhatsApp have reached an agreement so that the backups that we store in Google Drive do not occupy space in our account. WhatsApp backups can become a problem if photos and videos are a constant in our conversations. While storage is handled by Google Drive, it is possible to run out of space if we use Google’s cloud storage service for more. Luckily, this is going to change since WhatsApp backups will not take up space in our Google Drive account in very little time.

We learned via Reddit of this new feature in which we will no longer have to worry about the backup copies of our WhatsApp account. A feature that has come thanks to an agreement between Google and the company owned by Facebook. The free 15GB of Google Drive will breathe easier thanks to this change. Of course, it will not be immediate since it will arrive on November 12, 2018.

Google Drive

Backup copies saved in Google Drive will have an expiration date of 1 year since those that have been all that time in our storage account will be deleted. This should not be a problem since we can change the frequency with which these copies are saved, as we explained in an article.

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This new feature, for now, has only been announced on Android devices, so iOS users will have to continue using the space of their iCloud accounts. Moreover, there has still been no official statement about it since we have learned through the e-mails that Google is sending to different users of the application. In these emails we are advised to make a backup of our conversations before October 30, 2018, to safeguard our records effectively.

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