What would Windows XP look like if it came out in 2018?

Windows XP 2018 Edition
Written by Hassan Abbas

Microsoft has long finished supporting Windows XP, but the 17-year-old OS still holds a special place in the hearts of many Microsoft fans. And what would Windows XP look like if it came out in 2018? Kamer Kaan Avdan presented the vision of the old version of the system in the video “Windows XP 2018 Edition“.

The video demonstrates a modified Windows XP with a lot of updated interface elements. The login screen, the power menu and the taskbar in this concept represent a mixture of the look and functionality of Windows 10 and XP.

Classic colors and interface elements, but with a modern design, functions, and applications. For many fans of Windows XP would like this modernization of your favorite system.

Unfortunately, this is only a concept and one can only hope for its realization in reality.

It will be interesting.

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