What Would be Windows 7, If it Was Created in 2018

Windows 7 (2018 Edition)
Written by Hassan Abbas

The designer under the nickname Avdan released a video-concept of what would be Windows 7 this year release. In his creation, he combined innovations from Windows 10 and those elements that many people appreciate in the “seven” so far.

First of all, in the concept of Windows 7 (2018 Edition), the use of translucence and blurring of system windows is evident: every element of the system (whether it is a “Start”, “Notification Menu”, a quick access panel or any other) is “transparent” in such a way that it shows a picture of the desktop or other windows. In the “Start” the designer applied a new panel with “live” tiles.

Windows 7 (2018 Edition)

Windows 7 (2018 Edition)

Avdan not only integrated the already implemented solutions from Windows 7 and 10 but also showed its vision of the platform from Microsoft: the designer demonstrated the long-awaited dark interface theme and dynamic wallpaper (varying depending on the time of day). If Windows 10 was just like Windows 7 (2018 Edition) on the concept, many probably would not have stayed on the old version of the operating system.

This concept – not the first work of the user Avdan in this direction. Earlier he showed Windows XP (2018 Edition), which also turned out to be quite interesting: the old interface with new visual effects.

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