What looks like a smart Martian house from Xiaomi

MARS Case Residential Module
Written by Hassan Abbas

The MARS Case Residential Module is lightweight, folds up like a suitcase, saves resources and is managed through a smartphone. Chinese electronics giant Xiaomi and the Open Architecture design studio at the architectural exhibition China House Vision 2018 presented a prototype of Martian housing MARS Case. This is an unusual form of the residential module in which people could live in case of landing on the surface of the Red Planet.

MARS Case is a compact folding house with an inflatable living compartment. Its dimensions are 2.4 × 2.4 × 2 m. The idea of the prototype is to reduce the consumption of natural resources on Mars to a minimum because humanity will not have such conditions as on Earth, which means recycling will be the only way to survive.

MARS Case Residential Module

As planned by the authors of the project, the MARS Case is the perfect home for Mars, which combines design and technology. It can completely recycle waste (heat, gases, condensation and other by-products generated by electronic devices) in such a way that energy, water, and air circulate continuously in the home ecosystem, minimizing the consumption of vital resources. And of course, MARS Case is a smart home that provides for connecting Xiaomi equipment to a wireless network with the ability to control and control through a smartphone.

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MARS Case will be installed at the National Stadium in Beijing, where everyone can feel a little like a Martian. The concept of a residential module for Mars from Xiaomi and other projects of the exhibition will stay there until November 4.

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