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What is VIP in Twitch And How to Get it

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Written by Kelly Houstan

Twitch is actually one of those platforms that the whole world knows about. What makes it stand out from other social networks is its various features. Last year, one specific feature was added to Twitch. This feature took the world via surprise. It quickly became famous. Just read this article to know all about What is VIP in Twitch And How to Get it. Let’s begin!

That feature is actually the VIP role. VIP in Twitch is a role or badge streamers give out to some viewers. This new role is really special. Only a certain number of folks can be assigned along with such a badge. This role is basically a form of reward that streamers give out to their most valuable viewers as well. It’s a way in order to show that the streamer has recognized that viewer. 

What is VIP in Twitch And How to Get it?

A VIP member in a streamer’s community is a really special individual recognized along with a special badge. Streamers can also assign VIP spots to consistent viewers, friends, or also avid supporters of the stream. Streamers unlock 10 VIP slots through completing the Build a Community achievement. That needs 50 followers and five unique chatters as well. Viewers assigned a VIP spot will have an exclusive badge that actually sets them apart from other fans.

VIP slots will continue to unlock as a streamer accumulates more unique chatters as well. Twenty badges are unlocked at 20 unique chatters, and 10 slots are unlocked each and every five new unique chatters, more than 25. Another 10 VIP slots are unlocked after hitting 50 unique chatters too.

Once players hit 100 and 200 unique chatters, then they will unlock a total of 80 and 100 VIP slots, respectively as well.

What Is the VIP Badge?

The VIP badge is something that you guys can’t purchase. The only way you guys can get it is to earn it. That means that if you guys are a viewer, then you can only receive it from a streamer. And if you are a streamer, then you can only give it to a certain number of folks as well.

Whenever you guys assign a certain role, you can give that role to anyone. However, , when you assign VIP badges, you can only give it out to a few folks actually. 

How Does a VIP Badge Look Like?

The VIP Badge basically looks like a purple diamond. It is a really unique badge that appears in chat. It is completely different from the top clipper badge, top bits donator, or many other badges too. This is a badge that basically represents a VIP Status. 

What Do You Get with a VIP Badge?

Folks who receive a VIP badge can actually perform certain actions that other people can’t. They can chat freely without even affect via the modes for followers-only or any sub or slow-only modes. There are no rate limits in the chat and they can also even enter any chat room they like. Except for rooms for Mods as well. 

They can also even post links in chat whenever this option is disabled for the rest of the community. The badge is a way in order to demonstrate and celebrate the most loyal viewers and recognize their contribution as well. 

How Many VIP Badges Do Streamers Get?

Streamers basically have a limited number of VIP badges they can give out. They can earn more of them relying on their stream performance. What that means is that streamers can unlock more badges as well. However, to do that, they will have to unlock a certain achievement as well. 

That achievement is “Build a Community” actually. There are many requirements streamers should fulfill to get that achievement. If they succeed, then they can unlock more slots. They can unlock from 20 to more than 100 VIP slot badges. 


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