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What is My Discord ID – How to Find Discord ID

what is my discord id
Written by Kelly Houstan

Your Discord User ID is basically a unique numerical identifier used in order to identify you within Discord’s audit logs and within the system itself. It. Along with messages, DMs, channels, and also servers all have unique IDs to help the system function and also help audit logs mean anything at all. You guys could go years without ever knowing any of these. However, if you guys ever do need to find your Discord User ID, then this tutorial shows you how. Just read this article to know all about What is My Discord ID – How to Find Discord ID. Let’s begin!

Even though I also have managed servers and been an admin on others. I also have never had cause in order to know my Discord User ID. I have been fortunate enough to not have to trawl audit logs or need to refer anyone to Discord using the ID. I may be one of the lucky ones. However, it means I had to learn myself how you can find the Discord User ID before I could write this tutorial properly as well.

As I tend to use the desktop app, then this tutorial uses that. If you guys use mobile, just the same functions will likely be in the same places.

The Discord User ID

The Discord User ID is actually a numerical string that is unique to almost each and every user. It is used via the system’s back-end in order to process your chat and voice and to create logs of everything you do. If you guys have ever seen audit logs or had to explain something around a specific chat. It will have been identified via these IDs.

To be able to identify your Discord User ID you guys need to have Developer Mode enabled on your app.

On PC, you have to do this:
  • You have to open Discord and log in.
  • Choose the gear icon by your username in order to access User Settings.
  • Select Appearance from the left menu actually.
  • You have to scroll to Developer Mode and toggle it to on.
On Mobile, do this:
  • Open Discord on your mobile and log in actually.
  • Choose the User Icon at bottom of the screen.
  • Scroll down and choose Appearance.

This isn’t like a Firestick where having developer mode enabled will actually leave you open to hacking. This is just a setting that provides you a little more access to the back-end of Discord as well. You guys will need it to begin accessing IDs for things that is why we also need it enabled.

Identify your own Discord User ID

In order to find your own Discord User ID, you just have to right click your own name in chat or in a channel list and choose Copy ID. Just paste it somewhere to see it in the clear. Mine is actually an 18 digit number.

On PC, do this:
  • You have to log into a Discord Channel.
  • Right-click your username in the chat or channel list.
  • Choose Copy ID.
  • Then paste the ID somewhere to see it.
On Mobile, do this:
  • Log in to a Discord Channel and then swipe left.
  • Now long press your username in chat or channel list.
  • Choose Copy ID.
  • Just paste the ID somewhere to see it.

I also have used Discord for years now and have never needed it in order to see or know my User ID. I will hopefully head many more years without even needing to see it again. I hope it’s the same for you too!

Identify someone else’s Discord User ID

As well as finding out your own Discord User ID, you guys can also identify the ID of other users. It is exactly the same process as above basically. Right-click their username, only this time, you guys can only do it in the channel list on the right. Choose Copy ID and paste it somewhere in order to see it in the clear. It should be a similar 18 digit number to your own ID as well.

Find someone via Discord User ID

If you guys have someone’s Discord User ID, then you can find them and their messages from within the desktop app in order to show their activity within a channel. You cannot perform a search outside of a channel or server through User ID as far as I know.

On PC, you have to do this:
  • Right-tap on a username in chat or channel list.
  • Choose Copy ID.
  • Paste the ID in the search bar at the top of the Discord app in order to see their chats.
On Mobile, do this:
  • You have to long press a username in chat.
  • Choose Copy ID.
  • Just paste the ID in the search bar in order to see their chats.

You guys should see a panel on the right showing all their chats over the session. It’s a small thing, however, if you’re a moderator or something I guess it could come in useful.

Identify a message ID

If you’re reporting a comment or chat to an admin, mod, or to Discord themselves, then you will likely be asked for the message ID. Each and every message in Discord generates a unique identifier that actually helps server owners and Discords themselves find conversations as well. It is also used in complaints and could be useful to know.

If you have to record a message ID from the center chat window, in order to do this:

Right-click the line in chat and choose Copy ID or left click. Choose the three dots on the right and then select Copy ID.

Either of those will copy the unique message ID of that line of chat as well. If you check a few lines, then you will see each has a unique identifier. Record any or all of them if you have to report something. The server owner or admin can also check the audit logs and Discord can check their own logs much faster along with the message ID.


Well, That all from my side. If you want to know more about this article or have any queries. Then feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below.

Have a Good Day!

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