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What is Google Collection – How it Works

Google Collection
Written by Hassan Abbas

Google has an update to its Pinterest-inspired Collections feature inside the Google application. Google Collection will get a taste of Google’s AI. It offers you suggestions about items you searched for and grouping them into one. This means that Google will look for patterns in your Searches to suggest new collections. So that you can get back to doing what you started.

Collections inside the Google app will sort out searches related to activities. For example shopping, cooking, and other hobbies. Not only can you save the collections recommended for you. But also create new ones depending on what you like and share them with family and friends. This will also improve your search experience. Because Google will first show you what you might wish to see by learning from your collections.

What is Google Collection

Google Collections came out to masses in 2018 by replacing Saved pages and later moving on to Google app’s main screen tabs. The feature was introduced as a built-in bookmarking when searching on Google. And helped you save links, images, and places that you found via Search.

The section offers Pinterest-like boxes with large cover images. That shows your favorite pages, places, and images, sorted by date. You can also add new collections, look out for more bookmarks, get suggestions for similar items.

What’s the new Update all about

The latest update to Google Collections makes revising your older searches easy. For collections created previously, Google shows you other related items. That includes websites, images and much more via its AI. This also helps you avoid typing in a search query yourself. Suggested Collections is live in the United States starting today and will expand to other regions soon.

Another feature added to Google Collections is the ability to collaborate on a collection by sharing them with friends and family. Prior to this, you could only share viewable collections with others. The update, however, allows members in a group to make changes to a collection. Such as family members using a shopping list or employees sharing and editing work-related items.

Create a Google Collection

  • Open the Google application on your Android device.
  • Hit the Collections tab at the bottom.
  • Then tap on New at the top right.
  •  Enter a name for your collection.
  • Tap on Create.

A new collection has been created for you to save links, images, and places from Google search results to find them later instantly.

How to Use Google Collection

Now that you have created a new collection inside Google Collections. It is time for you to learn how to get it going. You can add pictures, websites, and also places to a collection. Remove them at will, share your collections with others and also delete them. If, in case, you no longer deem it necessary.

Add something to a Google

You can add anything you search on Google to Collections.

Note: For collections to work, Google Chrome needs to be set as your default web browser on your smartphone.

  • Open the Google app.
  • Tap on the Search bar at the top.
  • Search for anything you’re interested in. To give you an example, we searched for “Quick party recipes”.

Google will show you a bunch of results related to your search.

Alternatively, you can also save items like places on Maps, searching for images on Google Search or when opening articles from your Google feed.

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