What Does the Program for Laptops with Dual Displays Look Like

Dual Displays
Written by Hassan Abbas

The new APIs are designed to encourage manufacturers to create dual-display notebooks. Now programs can use two screens at once.

Dual Displays

Dual Displays

Previously, Microsoft released a new API for laptops with two screens (one of the displays is used instead of a keyboard), which allowed developers to create applications for both panels simultaneously. A Twitter user, under the name @zhuowencui, first showed the program, which is based on a fresh API.

Apparently, Microsoft suggests using two-display gadgets not in the form factor of the laptop, but in the form of a dual-touchscreen monitor with an external keyboard connected (as on the title page). With this usage scenario, the program windows are harmoniously divided into two screens (of course, if the developers used the new APIs). A simple program from @zhuowencui clearly demonstrates this: on one screen is displayed “reader”, and on the other – an application for notes.

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Apparently, creating programs based on the new API from Microsoft is extremely simple. Obviously, the Redmond giant intends to develop the concept of dual-display devices. If you believe the rumors, the mystical Surface Phone is made just like in a similar form factor – both its panels are presented in the form of touch screens. Some believe that the new application programming interface can be regarded as a hint at Surface Phone.

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