Western Digital Unveiled High-Capacity Storage Devices

Western Digital Black
Written by Hassan Abbas

Western Digital is the world leader in the storage market, which unites the brands Western Digital, SanDisk, G-Technology and HGST. One of the activities is the creation of integrated solutions for centralized data storage. Today’s novelty is a Western Digital Purple hard disk with a capacity of 12 TB, designed for video surveillance systems with the support of machine learning.

Western Digital Storage Devices

Western Digital Storage Devices

Extra-large capacity is not just a demonstration of the technology, but a necessity dictated by the transition to cameras with ever higher shooting resolutions. The latest generation of AllFrame AI technology supports the simultaneous connection of 64 cameras with a total workload of up to 180 TB per year. Also, it is possible to access already recorded data without interrupting the system operation for processing the received data in real time. As a result, video systems based on artificial intelligence will be able to find individuals, create traffic jam maps and analyze other important events.

Western Digital Black

Western Digital Black

One of the features of new products – increased fault tolerance – drives is designed to work in 24/7 mode under conditions of heat-loaded systems. The limited warranty period is 3 years. In the line are presented the storage capacity from 500GB to 12 TB with different buffer size and spindle rotation speeds. A flagship solution of 12 TB will cost $479 on the US market, and $399 is requested for a 10 TB drive.

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The company is rapidly developing technologies for the corporate segment, which will eventually become available in the consumer market. One of the real examples is the recently introduced WD Black 3D NVMe SSD fast drives based on the NVM Express standard. Novelties brought to the mass market speed, which recently seemed impossible.

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