Western Digital Presented a Fast SSD-drive

Western Digital SSD Drive
Written by Hassan Abbas

Western Digital held a presentation of the latest SSD-drive based on the standard NVM Express. Within the framework of the event, the company told about the successes and told about its own approach to the creation and introduction of new technologies. Speakers were Andrey Tishchenko, head of the Russian representative office of WD and Chagatai Kilic, business development manager.

The issue of data storage is one of the most acute for the modern IT industry. Every day a huge amount of information is generated, volumes grow exponentially due to the development of new segments: virtual reality and autopilot. The received data must be processed and stored. So, in 2017 only the largest IT companies invested more than $ 40 billion in the construction of data centers, and in the current growth is expected to grow by 10-15%. And 80% of the total cost of the data center are storage devices. We can not forget about user devices, each of them also stores information.

Western Digital SSD Drive

Western Digital SSD Drive

Western Digital is the world leader in the storage market and over the past ten years, the company has doubled its revenues, reaching almost $20 billion a year. Under one wing, four brands are united: Western Digital, SanDisk, G-Technology and HGST. General R & D and a huge patent package allowed to optimize the development process as much as possible. The range of products includes flash drives, hard drives, solid-state drives, as well as complex storage devices based on them. The company is represented in the consumer and corporate markets.

The key event of the event is the presentation of the WD Black 3D NVMe SSD drive based on the NVM Express (NVMe) standard, which uses the PCI Express bus. The novelty is based on the principle of vertical integration. All components: PCB, memory chips, controller, firmware, – developed inside Western Digital. To achieve maximum efficiency, the company moved away from the generally accepted approach for assembling components from different manufacturers under one lid.

Western Digital SSD Drive

Western Digital SSD Drive

With 4 lines of PCIe 3.0, engineers managed to realize 85% of the theoretical potential of NVM Express technology, and this is only the first such solid-state drive Western Digital. Peak reading speed is up to 3400 MB/s, recording – 2800 MB/s. It should be noted that the result is actual for a version of 1 TB, the modification rates for 250 GB and 500 GB are slightly lower. This is due to the fact that a larger amount of memory allows better parallelization of write and read operations due to a larger number of 3D NAND memory chips. In the dry residue, the new generation is no less than 6 times more productive than SSDs based on the SATA interface.

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The cost and timing of the appearance of WD Black 3D NVMe SSD in the Russian market have not yet been announced. In the US, a 1 TB SSD costs $449.99, and a base version of 250 GB will cost $119.99. The solution cannot be called budgetary, for extremely high productivity it is necessary to pay.

Specifications WD Black 3D NVMe SSD:

  • Capacity: 250 GB, 500 GB, 1 TB.
  • Interface: PCIe Gen3 8 Gbps, up to 4 channels.
  • Form factor: M.2.
  • Durability: 600TBW, 300TBW, 200TBW (respectively).
  • Limited warranty period: 5 years.

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