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How to Earn Weapons Specialist Accolades

Weapons Specialist Accolades
Written by Kelly Houstan

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5 has actually brought a lot of new challenges for players in order to unlock in-game cosmetics. One of these types of challenges is the Weapon Specialist Accolades challenge. That helps players in order to unlock a part of the new Mandalorian Armor. Just read this article to know all about How to Earn Weapons Specialist Accolades. Let’s begin!

Epic Games has also introduced the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda in Fortnite along with the release of Season 2 of the Mandalorian on Disney+ as well. In order to unlock a part of the Mandalorian’s armor in Fortnite, players have to complete the Weapon Specialist Accolades challenge actually.

Fortnite has just released Season 5 along with tons of upgrades. The new season not only brings along new items and weapons. However, you also get access to a new in-game mechanic called bounties as well.

Plus, this season takes the Marvel Fortnite timeline forward and also introduces new characters. Including the Mandalorian. Fortnite also has a special in-game weapon specialist reward for the users that actually complete this challenge. So, let’s now take a quick look at the weapon specialist accolade in Fortnite as well.

What is the Weapons Specialist Accolades?

This is actually a new challenge in Fortnite Season 5 that permits you in order to unlock a new left shoulder style for the Mandalorian skin. Completing this challenge will basically help you change the look of your character. The Mandalorian is also available to all players that basically have purchased Season 5’s Battle Pass.

Weapon Specialists can be earned via dealing particular amounts of damage through different weapons or the same weapons in just a single match. While the challenge can also be completed in any mode, Rumble and Battle Royale seem to be the ideal choices for this challenge. When you guys have the chance to find tons of weapons however, surviving for long periods of time.

How can you get weapon specialist accolades?

In order to get the weapon specialist accolades you will have to deal at least a specific amount of damage from any weapon. Let’s now take a look at the damage you have to deal with each weapon.

  • AR Rifle

DMG to be dealt: 250

  • SMG

DMG to be dealt: 150

  • Shotgun

DMG to be dealt: 250

  • Sniper

DMG to be dealt: 150

  • Pistol

DMG to be dealt: 150


When you spot the challenge on the menu screen it will also say 0/5. And this means that you basically need to earn weapon specialist accolades 5 times in order to complete this challenge. This can also be done over multiple different games and dealing damage from a particular weapon should bring your count up via one.

So if you guys are using an AR Rifle then when you have dealt 250 DMG in a game. Then you should get a confirmation on your screen and your weapon specialist accolade challenge counter should read 1/5. When you reach 5/5, then the left shoulder style for the Mandalorian should get unlocked for you as well.


Well, That is all from my side. If you want to know more about this article or have any queries. Then feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below.

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