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Watermark Photos Using Snapseed

Watermark Photos Using Snapspeed
Written by Hassan Abbas

Watermark Photos Using Snapseed: Rather than Android, Google also offers a wide variety of products that offer to better your productivity. However, One product is Snapseed which is an app that can enhance images with one-touch tools. Not just this but also add filters, edit RAW photos, tune images with sliders and provides them a new look in just a matter of minutes.

The app can’t free but also offers features that don’t come with most of the pictures editing tools available on the PC side of things. One such tool (Snapseed) is the ability to add watermarks to images directly on your Android device. However, Watermarks can be added as logos and text images. This guide helps you to add both of them to your images using Snapseed.

How to Watermark Your Photos using Snapseed

The following article will help you create pictures using a watermark of your choice so that your image remains true to you.

Watermark using a logo image

You can also add a logo image as a watermark over your current image using this guide. Follow the steps carefully to watermark photos using snapseed:

Step 1:

At first, download and install the Snapseed app from Google Play.

Step 2:

Also, Open the Snapseed app.

Step 3: 

Click anywhere on the app’s home screen to load a picture.

Step 4: 

Choose a picture you like to add a watermark on.

Step 5:

Once the image is uploaded, click on the Tools tab at the bottom.

Step 6:

Choose the Double Exposure tile from the menu.

Step 7:

Click on the add image icon from the bottom toolbar.

Step 8: 

Choose the image you want to use as a watermark over the current picture. However, make sure if the watermark is a logo, the file will be in PNG format.

Step 9:

Make the important modifications to the watermark simply by resizing and moving it to the position of your choice.

Step 10:

Click the Blend button to select from various blending modes for your logo. These are placed on top of the image. For better results, use Lighten to display both the main image and watermark properly.

Step 11:

Modify the opacity of the logo by clicking the droplet icon at the bottom and adjusting the opacity on the slider.

Note: However, adjust the opacity in such a way that the main picture isn’t obstructed in any way.

Step 12:

Click on the mark icon at the bottom right corner to add the changes.

Step 13: 

To save the edited picture, click on the Export tab and choose Save. You can also share this image directly from Snapseed by clicking on Share. Also, choose an app or contact to share to, from the Share menu.

Watermark using a text

In case if you don’t have a logo, you can also add a text as a watermark on your image by following these steps on Snapseed.

Step 1:

Just follow steps 1 through 5 from the article above.

Step 2:

Click the Text tile upon opening the Tools menu.

Step 3:

Also, Select the text style by clicking on the style icon from the bottom and choosing from the options.

Step 4:

Click the droplet icon from the bottom and then adjust the opacity of the text by sliding through the slider.

Step 5:

Click the paint icon from the bottom toolbar. Also, select the color of the text you want to add as a watermark.

Step 6:

Now, double-click on the text box to input a text. However, after typing the desired text, click OK.

Step 7:

Reposition and resize the text box as you like by pinching and dragging the element to the required location.

Step 8:

Once done, click on the tick-mark at the bottom right.

Step 9:

To save the edited picture just click on the Export tab at the bottom and choose Save.

Note: Your image will now be saved to your library. You can also share this image directly from Snapseed by clicking on Share.

That’s it! You have now successfully created a picture having a watermark.


Here’s all about “Watermark Photos Using Snapspeed”. Have you ever add watermarks to your pictures? If yes, how do you do it? Let us know in the comments section below!

Also, drop a comment if you want to ask anything or having any queries related to this guide.

Till then! Peace Out ✌

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