Waterfox for Android based on Firefox and Tor has become even more secure

Written by Hassan Abbas

The developers saved the browser from all unnecessary things like binding to Google Play services and integration with Pocket. The browser Waterfox for Android has received a major update, greatly improving the protection of user privacy. Since this web browser is based on mobile Firefox, the new version has brought all the latest developments of the Tor Project from “Ognelis”. Despite all the innovations, Waterfox continues to work extremely quickly (at least, judging by the reviews).

Since Mozilla is working with developers of Tor’s web browser, the mobile Firefox gets all the Tor Project’s work in the field of protecting users’ privacy. Waterfox is based on the browser from Mozilla, which is only a plus: in addition to the same level of security, this web browser supports the installation of all extensions for Firefox (available in the official directory).


In Waterfox version 60.1.0, developers disabled the binding to Google Play services and integration with the Pocket service, deactivated the collection of telemetry and other data, removed unnecessary application permissions (to access various components of the operating system) without compromising functionality. In addition, in the updated browser, the protection against shadowing is activated by default. As in Tor, the function of creating screenshots is blocked in this browser – this is likely to be a problem for many users, but this is the payment for increased security.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

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