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VPN Free for PC – Betternet Hotspot VPN Free for Android

VPN Free for PC
Written by Hassan Abbas


VPN Free for PCVPN Free for PC. Free VPN Proxy by Betternet – an excellent free VPN service that allows you to bypass the blocking of your favorite sites and stay online anonymous. Like many other applications, for example, VPN from Hola, Free VPN Proxy by Betternet connects us to the Internet with a click of a button and changes our location, as if we are going to a global network from another country. By default, the application is connected to the fastest and optimal server, but if you want, you can select the point of the globe (premium function) yourself, which will be seen by those who want to find us.

Betternet VPN is a free and unlimited proxy VPN (virtual private network) for Android devices. Betternet VPN masks your IP address, encrypts your Internet traffic, turns public Wi-Fi into a private network and helps unlock sites and applications on your Android phone so you can safely and anonymously access any limited conflict.

To Hide and Bypass IP Address:

VPN (virtual private network) works in the same way as Tor proxy, also known as “The Onion Router”, to hide the IP address and bypass Internet censorship, to overcome geoinformation and to access the desired content. VPN (virtual private network), however, has a much faster connection speed and better privacy and security protection than the Tor (onion router).

The three main functions of VPN Free:

  1. Browsing incognito: using VPN, you do not even need to install any incognito browser. Just turn on the VPN, and all your Internet traffic is completely encrypted. Your actions on the Internet are completely anonymous.
  2. Wi-Fi security: Because all your Internet traffic is encrypted via VPN, regardless of the public Wi-Fi access point that you are trying to access, you will be protected from public Wi-Fi risks and get full Wi-Fi protection.
  3. Spoofer locations: The VPN hides your IP address so that your location is masked, and you can bypass the geo-restrictions to access any content anywhere.

VPN Free for PC

Advantages & Disadvantages:

+ Without registration and indication of your personal data
+ One-touch connection
– Some functions are available only after payment
– Embedded advertising

Play Secure VPN for PC

To use Download Secure VPN for PC. You first need to download and Install Emulator of Your Choice. Here is the List of Top 5 Emulators. or the Bluestacks 3


Download Secure VPN APK

Play Store:

Betternet VPN - Hotspot Proxy
Betternet VPN - Hotspot Proxy

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