Voice Memos Keyboard Shortcuts On Mac

Voice Memos Keyboard Shortcuts On Mac
Written by Hassan Abbas

Do you want Voice Memos Keyboard Shortcuts On Mac? Keyboard shortcuts paly an important role in our society. With the help of keyboard shortcuts, we fulfill our daily tasks for a small duration of time. When the app Voice Memos made it to macOS, it was a sensible or presentable move. You can’t just create the latest voice memos with it, but can edit, access, or manage those from your iPhone and iPad.

So if you want to speed up your daily tasks, here are some keyboard shortcuts for Voice Memos on Mac.

The Voice Memos window

You can easily control the Voice Memos app window with the help of these keyboard shortcuts.

  • Minimize the window: Command + M
  • Hide the window: Command + H
  • Hide all other windows: Option + Command + H
  • Open Voice Memos preferences: Command + , (comma)
  • Enter full-screen mode: Control + Command + F
  • Exit full-screen mode: Escape
  • Quit Voice Memos: Command + Q or Command + W

Voice Memos recording shortcuts

You can also play, record, trim or remove recordings in Voice Memos using these shortcuts.

  • Record a voice memo: Command + N
  • Pause or play a voice memo: Space Bar
  • Delete a voice memo: Delete
  • Copy a voice memo: Command + D
  • Trim a voice memo: Command + T
  • Undo modifications to a voice memo: Command + Z
  • Redo changes to a voice memo: Shift + Command + Z


Here’s all about “Voice Memos Keyboard Shortcuts On Mac”. Voice Memos is a very simple and elegant app for taking notes, thoughts, or chats with recordings. So you don’t want lots of keyboard shortcuts for it, simply try these shortcuts to perform tasks in the app faster.

Do you think that we miss any that you like to see and we haven’t covered yet? Is this article helpful? If you want to know other keyboard shortcuts then visit our website while some useful links are also mentioned below. For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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