Vivo will speed up the screen fingerprint scanner in new smartphones

Vivo X23
Written by Hassan Abbas

As part of a special conference in China, Vivo announced a new technology for screen scanning of fingerprints of the 4th generation. Together with her Chinese manufacturer announced a technology called DSP Acceleration, developed in cooperation with Qualcomm. It promises to significantly increase the speed of recognition and increase the security of user data. The sensor has been completely updated in the field of hardware, software and processor optimization.

According to Vivo, the technology of screen scanning of fingerprints of the 4th generation is 40% faster than the sensor of the previous generation, which is installed in the smartphone Vivo X21. When used with a mobile platform, the Snapdragon 670 achieves an almost twofold increase in speed compared to the Snapdragon 660 – up to 0.35 seconds. Acceleration provides a digital signal processor Hexagon 685. By the way, it is also installed in the flagship Snapdragon 845.

 Vivo X23

It is reported that the digital signal processor (DSP) when processing neural tasks and fingerprint data works significantly faster than the CPU (CPU). Thanks to DSP Acceleration technology, processing is performed 3 times faster, respectively, and the smartphone is unlocked faster.

The new sensor debuted in the recently announced Vivo X23. DSP Acceleration technology will be added to the smartphone with the help of an update. It will be released in October and will increase the speed of unlocking the fingerprint scanner by 30%, especially in conditions of low temperature and strong direct light.

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