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Vimtag For PC, Windows & Mac – Free Download

Vimtag For PC, Windows & Mac - Free Download
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In today’s world, security is something very binding, to be sure, since many inconveniences occur every moment, somewhere else. With the CCTV camera and the Vimtag system, which allows you to record HD videos from your office, home, or anywhere you want to install them, and feel safe, you can take immediate action and take precautions in an emergency With the Vimtag application, you can control camera movement and enjoy real-time vigils through cross-platform clouds.

Also, Are you wondering what your child is doing in the other room, whether his old parents are doing well, or is his dog not destroying his house when he is not? You can check everything with the Vimtag camera. But, The VT-362 is an IP / Wi-Fi camera ideal for home use. As an electronic babysitter, home video surveillance device or simple video recorder. With the full HD resolution of the camera, you can record all the details, nothing escapes your attention!

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What’s new:

Thanks to the PTZ remote, you do not have to worry about setting up the camera the best. With the special application, you can change the field of view and capture the entire room with a camera. Thanks to the integrated infrared lighting, this model can work day and night. The built-in speaker and microphone allow you to use two-way audio. With your smartphone, you can listen to what is happening around the camera, send a voice message, or just talk over a speaker. The free Vimtag application is used to operate the camera via a computer or smartphone. With this application, you are in control of everything, whether you are at home or not. You have unrestricted access to the camera anytime, anywhere in the world.

Vimtag is mainly a mobile application available on the Play Store. However, depending on the requirement, it can also be installed on a PC, regardless of Windows or Mac. You’ll need another third-party application, BlueStacks. Let’s see how you can get Vimtag for PC with a few simple steps.

How To Download Vimtag for Windows:

To download Vimtag, first download the Emulator, which is BlueStacks. Downloading BlueStacks is very easy as you can easily visit your website, which you can easily access by searching Google for “BlueStacks”. The latest version of BlueStacks is V4. Click Download for.

Also, After downloading, run the EXE file on your computer. Specify the download location. Once the download is complete, you must click on the exe file of the BlueStacks installer. Now, wait a moment for the configuration to extract all necessary files to your system. But, once all the files have been extracted, you will see the “Install Now” button. Click on it.

Also, The installation process can take three to five minutes, depending on your computer’s RAM and other components. Now, once you have completed the installation, you will get a “Finish” button, click on it. Restart your system, it can take up to five minutes. After reboot, sign in with your Google Account. Upon successful completion, you will successfully land on the BlueStacks homepage.

With BlueStacks, you can now install Vimtag on Windows in two ways. Let’s see, each of them.

Install the application through the Play Store

In BlueStacks, click the My Application screen. Then select “System Applications” and click on the Play Store icon. Type in “Vimtag”, you will find the Vimtag application in the Play Store. Click the Install button.

Install Vimtag from the search bar

You will find a search bar on the BlueStacks home screen. Enter “Vimtag” there. The application icon will be displayed shortly. Click Install.

After a successful installation, you will need to enter your credentials to access your Vimtag account. Enter the username and password of your Vimtag account to access your entire surveillance system directly from your PC. Now you can enjoy real-time monitoring, watch the recording and also browse the camera.


Also, To reinstall Vimtag on your Mac OS, you must first install BlueStacks to download Vimtag. But, To download BlueStacks on Mac you will need 4GB of RAM and 4GB of the hard drive. Also, Go to the official BlueStacks website and download the Mac installer. Also, Double-click the BlueStacks icon to continue. Click the “Install” button.

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