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How to Turn off Video paused Continue watching on YouTube

Video paused Continue watching
Written by Kelly Houstan

Have you guys ever experienced the prompt message that says ‘Video paused. Continue watching’ on YouTube? Well, this is really common for users who play YouTube videos in the background. Suppose you guys are working on your desktop, and you just minimize the browser window. There you are playing your song playlists on YouTube, and then YouTube suddenly stops your Video only to greet you along with a prompt message. That actually says ‘Video paused. Continue watching?’ This prompt message can also be an annoying problem, however, this way, YouTube can tell if you are watching the video or not. Just read this article to know all about How to Turn off Video paused Continue watching on YouTube. Let’s begin!

If you guys minimize the browser window where you are playing your YouTube video. YouTube will also figure out that you guys are not watching the video, and then you will see a prompt message. Hence, to help you out, we now have a guide. That you can follow on how can you disable ‘Video paused. Continue watching’ on YouTube in Chrome.

How to Turn off Video paused Continue watching on YouTube

The reason why users prefer in order to disable the ‘Video paused. Continue watching’ prompt message is just to avoid the YouTube video from stopping in between whenever running the video in the background. Whenever you disable the prompt message, the video or your song playlist will actually run without any interruptions until you stop it manually.

In order to stop receiving the prompt message, ‘Video paused. Continue watching’. We are listing two methods that you guys can opt to listen to or watch uninterrupted videos as well as songs in the background.

Get YouTube premium

You guys can get a premium subscription to YouTube in order to get rid of these interruptions. You guys will not only stop receiving the prompt message ‘Video paused. Continue watching,’. However, you will not need to deal with annoying YouTube ads, and you guys can easily play the YouTube video in the background.

Even whenever you use the YouTube app on your device, then you have to stay on the YouTube app. However, you play your song playlist or a video, but along with YouTube premium. Then you can play any video as well as your song playlist in the background

Furthermore, you can easily download and save YouTube videos along with a premium subscription. So getting a YouTube premium can also be an alternative solution if you guys want to disable ‘Video paused. Continue watching’ prompt message when you guys leave the YouTube window inactive many times.

For pricing details and in order to subscribe to YouTube premium, you guys can tap on here.

Why does YouTube keep pausing my videos? | Video paused Continue watching

YouTube will pause your Video if the window is inactive for some time. When you play a YouTube video on your Chrome browser and minimize the window to keep the Video or a song playing in the background. YouTube feels that you are inactive and will see a prompt message that says ‘Video paused. Continue watching.’


Well, I hope you like this article and understand all the steps. However, if you still have any problems and queries related to this article. Then feel free to ask me in the comments section below. I’ll get back to you shortly.

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