Video Calls Come To Instagram, And Group Video Calls To Whatsapp

Group Video Calls Whatsapp
Written by Hassan Abbas

Video calls have become one of the main protagonists of the Facebook F8 conference. In its annual event, the social network has announced that Instagram will have its own video conferencing system. This will not only be limited to allowing us to make video calls between two users, but we can also make group videoconferences.

This is just one of the three novelties that Instagram has received, but it has not been the only application to receive the love of Facebook. And WhatsApp will also have the option of group video conferences because it could not be that Instagram will have them and WhatsApp will not.

Instagram receives calls from videos and AR effects

Facebook wants to promote the functions of Instagram as a messaging application, and for this reason, one of its great novelties is the new video chat function. In this way, users can use video in real time to talk to each other. The video chat will be framed within the Instagram Direct option and will allow making group calls or between two people.

Video Calls Instagram

In addition, Instagram will also receive new augmented reality effects. It is a series of interactive experiences that will include filters and external effects, and that will be supported by an AR Studio that will allow creators to design their own augmented reality experiences.

Finally, Instagram will redesign your Explore option to make it easier to discover the things that interest us. This new exploration cover will organize the content on topics that it considers relevant for us, with the promise that the content of our interest will be more accessible. These three novelties will be coming to Instagram in the coming weeks or months since Facebook has not given specific dates.

WhatsApp premieres group videoconferences

On Facebook, they say they are very happy with how the video call option has worked on WhatsApp, so they have decided to expand it to allow group video calls. Of course, have not given any kind of detail on how it will work or how many users there may be for each video conference, so we will have to wait for more information.

Group Video Calls Whatsapp

In addition, it has also been announced that WhatsApp will implement support for stickers, although again they have not given details on how it will be and if they can be customized as in Telegram. The video calls will arrive “in the coming months”, while the stickers will begin to be implemented “soon”.

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