Video Calls are Already Available on Instagram

Instagram Video Call
Written by Hassan Abbas

The recent launch of IGTV seems to have given Instagram an edge to launch one of its most anticipated updates. Finally, we can use video calls through this app, something that we had already advanced a month ago. This novelty does not come alone since it has also renewed the Explore tab and we even have new camera effects for our enjoyment.

Video calls on Instagram for up to 4 people

Although it was already possible to make live video calls with another person, holding private conversations in video format was not yet possible. Luckily, this feature is now available to all users of Instagram and the truth is that its operation is not bad.

Instagram Video Call

Instagram Video Call

Start a video call with someone is as simple as entering the chat message we have with that person and click on the new icon in the form of a camera that is located in the upper right corner. When the video call receiver accepts, you can now have a private video chat. Something we can do with up to four people, although achieving it will be something more tedious: we will have to create a chat group through Direct with the people we want to enter the group video call. Hopefully, they will refine this in the future so that it has the same ease as WhatsApp, to cite a close example.

Whether in a group or with a single person, video calls will capture by default the front camera of our mobile device. During the chat, we can change the camera at will and we can even minimize the call to continue browsing Instagram.

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The Explore screen is renewed with themes

Although we already had an Exploration tab, the truth is that its operation was quite basic. We already cheered when they included the Stories at the top of the screen, but we believe that the new rejuvenation will come in handy. Now we can navigate through different thematic blocks located at the top of the screen. The themes that will appear, and by which we can navigate horizontal swipe, will be given according to our usual interests in Instagram, so in my case, I have found boxes of themes such as Music, Clothing or Video Games. In addition, we have a custom theme called “Para Ti” where a mix of our interests will come to us.

Instagram New Themes

Instagram New Themes

Each of these topics is accompanied by a good number of hashtags that will help us specify even more if the experience is possible. And if by some chance we are bored with the content that Instagram wants to show us, we can always silence it by just holding down our finger on the channel so that the option to Silence appears.

New camera effects for Instagram

Developer: Instagram
Price: Free+

It’s been a while since we discovered new camera effects for Instagram and this update comes with a few under the arm. Of course, they are a kind of promotional effects since they have been created by different accounts to which we will have to “snatch” these effects. We will have to get into one of the Stories of Ariana Grande, Buzzfeed, Liza Koshy, Baby Ariel or the NBA to be able to add these effects to our camera. We will achieve this by just pressing the icon located in the lower right corner of the screen۔

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