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Verizon Moto Z Force, Moto Z Gets Android 8.0 Oreo Update

Moto Z Gets Android 8.0 Oreo
Written by Hassan Abbas

Do you think Moto Z Gets Android 8.0 Oreo Update? In May Android 8.0 Oreo becomes the unlocked Moto Z. Now both getting the updates i.e Verizon “Droid Editions” of Moto Z Force and Moto Z. Also, it comes with all the expected Oreo products — compatibility picture-in-picture, notification/alerts improvements, and the like.

Verizon has started seeding out the Android 8.0 Oreo update for its mobile Motorola Moto Z. The Android 8.0 build comes as software model OCL27.76-69-4 and should be pressing your device in the coming weeks at the max.

Android Oreo 8.0, brings amazing features such as picture-in-picture (PIP), Autofill, Settings app, notification or alerts channels, adaptive icons, smart text selection, redesigned notifications center, notification snooze, and much more.

The update brings better Bluetooth and Wi-Fi performance. Also, you can’t restart your mobile while swapping SIM cards. A fine tweak, but still good. Here’s you’ll view the long changelog:

Software model: OCL27.76-69-4


Security Patch Level Of Android: 2018-05-01

Here’s the software update features:

  • The newest Android security patches
  • Better Wi-Fi connectivity
  • You no longer have to restart your mobile while replacing a non-Verizon SIM with a Verizon SIM


  • Picture in Picture support: The latest split-screen window enables you to use an app and watch a video at the required amount of time.
  • Autofill framework: Using your permission. Autofill works simultaneously using Moto Key to ignore continuous input. Also, the same information on a touchscreen keyboard. Privately saves your data.
  • Selection of Smart text: When you choose the text, Android Oreo recommends required apps or intelligent actions. Choose and double-click the accurate portion of the text and automatically get addresses, names, phone numbers, weblinks, and emails.
  • Adaptive icons: According to your system settings multi-shape app icons.

Device performance

  • Apps run quicker and smoother: The latest optimization gives better performance of apps and games.
  • Bluetooth audio enhancements: High-quality Bluetooth audio translater makes your music sound much better.
  • Improved management of cached data: Every app has a cache data limit. When the PC wants to free up memory, it automatically removes or erases cached data from apps that exceeds the limit.
  • Battery-saving background limitation: Android Oreo better battery and memory optimization. Also, it’s built on Nougat’s battery life betterment, it’s a power-saving feature to “Doze,” which reduces how some apps in background check location. Not just this but also scans Wi-Fi networks or accesses data.
  • Stability: Bugs and better device stability.


  • Alerts badges/dots: Oreo now gives “Unread” badges on upper home screen icons. Simply click and hold an icon to get alerts of what’s new, and wipe them by moving left.
  • Alerts channels: Now you have more control over alerts. Apps also named alerts categories. You can also select to get alerts about particular topics.
  • Snooze alerts: You can also “snooze” alerts rather than dismissing them. They’ll appear back up at the same level of importance.
  • Alert bar: App icons also listed in hierarchical and more manageable ways.
  • Themed alerts based on music cover art: You can also customize background and message themes that are customized in the Notifications list and Lockscreen.

Calling Attributes

  • Incoming Call: Latest layout, using a smaller contact image.
    • Unlocked Mode – ANSWER and DECLINE call icons are red and green.
  • Active Call: Modifications in the User Interface to better usability.
    • Rejecting Call: Answer calls by moving up on the screen. Swiping down dismisses the call.
      • Swiping up on the text icon (under the left of the screen) opens a prompt screen, enabling you to share a message with the call originator.
      • Choose one of the canned text choices or write your own to share a text message and dismiss the call.


  • Simpler to find security update information: The date of your current security update is available in Settings > Security & location.
  • Google Play Protect: The latest Google Play™ Store security feature gives a visual display of app security scans and optimizes security after scanning apps for viruses.
  • Find My Device: Remotely locate, lock and remove your device if it’s lost. Also, it has the latest user interface, better performance, and bug fixes.
  • “Unknown Sources” setting erased: On Android Oreo, you have no longer want to select “OK to install apps from unknown sources”. Remember that you trust individual apps before downloading them, then review and authorize each app.


  • Instant settings improvements: Network, WiFi Connectivity, and Battery signs are at the screen top. Time, Settings, and Profile are now under it.
  • Quick settings toggle: Tiles react like a toggle to display more information. Simply click the tile to enable or disable it. Also, touch and hold to bring the Settings or click the text to open the panel.
  • Better settings navigation: Simply look for the right setting faster. Shorter, manage, and easy to navigate.
  • Rebuild Battery and Storage menu: Better visibility and easy to read.
  • App info/widgets: You can easily access app information. Just click and hold icons on the Home screen, apps menu, and Widgets list.
  • Deep/Sharp color: Massive range of colors in apps. It compatible full color management, enabling apps to show images in their native quality or format.
  • Latest and updated emoji: Bring spice to your words with all-new emojis. It includes redesigned human emojis with the gradient or rounded shapes.
  • All-new Call/Phone functions user interface: The rebuild user interface is cleaner and more manageable.


  • Accessibility shortcut: It gives instant access to Accessibility features.
  • Volume: You can simply adjust the accessibility volume level on TalkBack from the media volume level.

That’s all!


Here’s all about “Moto Z Gets Android 8.0 Oreo”. If you think that it is helpful then do let us know your suggestions and thoughts in the comment section below. We also recommend you to daily check the System Update option in your mobile settings.

Also, for any difficulty ask us without any hesitation!

Till then! Stay Safe 🥰

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